A Divine Mystery…: Neptune stations Direct in Pisces, Dark of Moon, heading to Scorpio New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse

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Hello from Jaipur, India!

It’s been a crazy while since I last wrote to you. I was staying with a friend in NJ when I wrote last during the storm. And very eerily my power went out about 45 sec after I posted the last blog. A power line next to the house I was in lit up in a massive electric short circuit flame and then there was darkness. I finally made it to Mumbai a few days ago and am currently fighting the worst case of jet lag in 13 years.

A couple of hours ago I landed in Jaipur (a city in the north of India, also known as the Pink City) for a short [working] holiday with my parents. We just checked into our hotel which used to be a palace once. I will be back in Mumbai in time for Diwali (the festival of lights,) marked by the Scorpio New Moon each year. (Here’s a Blog I wrote a couple of years ago on the significance of Diwali.) But I thought I’d check in with you and take a quick look at the astrology (I’ll be back with pictures shortly) while I’m here…

We’re deep in the rabbit hole now, entering deeply mystical, magical territory as we head towards the dark of the Moon before the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in the sign of ‘darkness’ Scorpio on Nov. 13, 2012.

Very significantly Neptune stations direct in Pisces, tomorrow Sunday Nov. 11, 2012, casting an enchanting, seductive almost surreal spell over an already mysterious climate (things could get ‘spooky’ for lack of a better word.)

Neptune stationed retrograde on June 5, 2012 and the past few months have called for an inner cleansing of illusions, fantasies and deep self-reflection, so we can gain clarity on an inner soul truth. Now with Neptune’s direct station there is also level of denial, deception or even self-deception that we need to watch out for.

Be extremely honest with yourself and in no denial, so you are in no danger of projecting false fantasies or delusions onto situations which will ultimately leave you thirsting and fighting ghosts. And when one is aware of one’s inner transcendent reality, then we can deflect false projections without absorbing them as one’s own.

The more we can be conscious in mind, body and spirit — there can be an awareness of a more soulful, sublime truth and the magic that abounds and surrounds us.

I’ll be back with more on the New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in the next day or so, as well as pictures… so please do check back in. For now, as the Moon disappears in the sky and with the impending New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio consciously let go of all that haunts you, or trying to manipulate or control any situations.

The only person we can control is ourselves. And even then, we only have the illusion of control. The sky is asking us now, to surrender to the beautiful divine mystery of life… Then watch it unfurl…




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