A letter from Beth in Minneapolis…

Dear readers of Priya Kale’s blog, and Priya,

On Thanksgiving day, I was working in my studio in my children’s and women’s design business, called eecee bb. I was letting the people in my world who contribute to my well-being on so many levels, come into my awareness.

Among them, were the astrologers who spread their wisdom, intuition, action, and beauty inside of our personal orbits
as their way of life and sustenance.  As owner of a small creative business, I can understand the many faces of Priya’s work. What it takes for her to bring forward what we read on her blog each day, is far more than meets the eye. She is wearing every hat, and always open to us to connect personally, as she builds this community. Like me, she makes beauty, and accentuating our personal power the center of her life.

I decided to go her website and send her a donation.  It was a small gift! But, what happened next was such a genuine outpouring of gratitude and honesty from Priya, that I knew I wanted to write a letter to tell everyone.

It’s a great feeling to support the people in our lives who are helping to preserve a positive and open-hearted culture!  It doesn’t take a large donation to get to that amazing feeling of connection, either!  It does take lots of us to think of it and do it, however.  The more the merrier!

Give something today to fill yourself up as we go into the holidays, and on throughout the new year.  What happens when we support financially those who care enough to give us gorgeous, creative work, is that it can keep happening.

Priya can take care of her responsibilities as she takes care of making these wonderful little packages of truth for us each day.  She can do this blog, as well as our monthly stars and charts without distraction.

It’s so worth it to give!!

I’m just hoping we can all let the flow of love keep moving, because it always comes back through us when we do.

Thanks for reading this, and for supporting Priya Kale’s presence in our good lives.

Love to all,
Beth in Minneapolis


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