A look back at March…

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Dear Friends,

Mercury is now slowing down to a halt and stations direct this week. In that light, here below is a look back on March. Perhaps there are things you can see now in hindsight that will help you as you journey forward.

— Priya Kale


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Cosmic Weather for March 2012

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After all the recent strife, this month brings cosmic relief in the form of a rare alignment between Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Pluto in the form of a Grand Earth Trine. As much as things are changing and coming up for review this month, things are also stabilizing, bringing plenty of opportunities for sensual pleasure along the way.

As we enter March, the Sun is making its way through Pisces (the last sign of the zodiac) until March 20, 2012, when we reach the Equinox.  As we move through these final weeks of the Sun in Pisces, take the time to absorb the lessons of the past seasons. Then, when the Sun enters Aries (which heralds Spring in the northern hemisphere), we will enter a new year in the zodiac, marking a fresh start.

Also, this month brings plenty of activity among the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, suggesting that this is due to be a rather busy month on the personal front, as well. One of the first planetary and energetic shifts comes early in the month as Mercury enters Aries on Mar. 2, 2012 and moves toward its retrograde station. Mercury rules the mind, communication and our perceptions. Aries is the sign that represents action and what is possible, so this transit is encouraging us to think of bold new ideas and possibilities.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus on March 5, 2012, indicating that there is unexpected news in the offering. Something we never thought was possible might just be. But it will require an open mind to what is unfolding; don’t be too opinionated and make a rash judgement about a situation. Also, the aspect is encouraging us to push out of existing mental perceptions so that we can thoughtfully respond to circumstances instead of simply finding ourselves unconsciously triggered by or reacting to the issues that arise.

Through this month, communication is likely to be direct and blazing; Mercury in Aries won’t easily take no for an answer. But remember, Mercury is in shadow as we begin this month, and we will be covering this territory two more times. So this is a developing story, and there is definitely more to something than currently meets the eye.

This Virgo Full Moon will also be in close conjunction to Mars, and with Mercury slowing down to a halt at this time, there may be an increase of nervous energy and tension. The Full Moon may certainly be highlighting all that is less than desirable about various situations in our lives. But be grateful for this, because only with closer inspection can we truly begin to heal and fix something.

Mercury also stations retrograde on Mar. 12, 2012, shortly after the Virgo Full Moon on Mar. 8. Virgo is a sign ruled by Mercury, so there is a sense that what is being revealed at the time of the Full Moon is asking us to rethink and review our approach to a situation.

This may feel like a spanner being thrown in the works. What we may have felt sure of at the beginning of the month can now be causing deep self-doubt. But this is no reason to believe that everything is wrong or to lose faith in yourself. This is an important part of questioning oneself and being honest about what is not working, especially with our personal attitudes.

Mercury in Aries (especially retrograde) is a process of inner questioning, of learning to trust oneself more and asking the ever-important question, “Who am I?” The less we give attention to false identification, the more we can discover what is truly important in our world. Then, with a little closer inspection, we can make a more effective impact on a situation rather than going in with guns blazing and little thought or information.

Also, Mars is currently retrograde in Virgo, and with Mercury in Aries, the planets are now occupying each others’ signs in what is called a mutual reception. This suggests an interchangeable quality to this energy: remember that words can be used to hurt or to heal, and often hurtful words come from a place of defensiveness or an inner sense of woundedness. With self-awareness, the Mercury and Mars retrogrades offer the potential for deeper understanding,  improved communication, or to form plans in a way that is constructive instead of harboring a critical and ultimately self-defeating attitude.

Think before you speak and act. A thoughtful approach, especially in sensitive situations, could make all the difference in our ability to gain a deeper perspective of what we can do to fix or stabilize a situation that has seemed beyond repair or that has been tense and worrying.

As we begin the month, Venus is in Aries, where she has been since Feb. 8, 2012. Aries is not an easy placement for Venus (the goddess of love, beauty, creativity and finances).  Her naturally demure, feminine nature is tempered by the fiery quality of a Mars-ruled sign. Here, Venus often tends to act out in rather impatient and unladylike ways, which may have led to flared tempers, angry outbursts, increased worry or fears rising to the surface regarding financial situations and relationship matters.

Love may certainly not have been easy in February, and just before Venus leaves Aries, she will make an opposition to Saturn in Libra on March 4, 2012. Saturn has been in Libra since October 2009 and will remain in the sign until early October of this year, asking for a definitive restructuring and rebalancing of relationships in order to foster greater compromise and mutual support.

As Venus opposes Saturn, it may be easy to draw the battle lines with others, but this is ultimately dividing us where we need support. The scales of Libra need balance, and it will be helpful for us to integrate this aspect internally first. Rather than pointing fingers and blame, take responsibility for the situation that you have created and your own role within it. Once there is internal balance, we can correct imbalances of power within relationships and financial situations and bring to them the mutual support that we need.

On the following day March 5, 2012 (the day of the Mercury-Uranus conjunction), Venus enters Taurus, her home sign, where she is rather comfortable and fertile and where her best qualities are easy to access. With the Mercury-Uranus aspect taking place on the same day, this is a rather comforting shift in energy, suggesting that there may even be a few surprising declarations of love or sudden financial breakthroughs that will show us that things are more solid than we first thought.

Venus will remain in Taurus throughout March and until April 3, 2012. Over the coming four weeks, as she transits through her home sign, we are likely to see a slow but certain stabilization and growth in creativity, business and personal relationships, as well as in financial situations. Venus in Taurus is earthy, sensual, creative, fertile and grounded. Venus and Taurus also both represent  ‘values’ — things, emotions and people we value, which are different for different people. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and the deeper we are willing to dig into our cores, the greater are the riches we can mine, both emotionally and materially.

As Venus moves through Taurus, she inches closer to her conjunction to Jupiter (both planets are visible in the evening skies right now and are certainly a beautiful sight to behold), which will be exact on March 14, 2012 — an aspect that can only be described as auspicious. Venus and Jupiter are two of the great benefics in the zodiac, and together their influence is greatly magnified. This can be a rather sensual, sexual, luxurious, perhaps even romantic time and definitely a time that bodes well for material stability. Jupiter and Venus will also be in a  triple conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, adding another subtle layer to this energy which could be rather sexual.

Taurus can also be a rather hedonistic sign, and it will certainly also be easy to indulge your appetite (of all kinds) under this climate. So if you are on a diet, you may want to watch what you eat. But then again, I am a Taurus, and you only live once, so you might as well enjoy yourself. It is possible to have too much of a good thing, but that’s something only you can decide for yourself. With Jupiter in Taurus, also remember that it is in giving that we can receive now, and we can certainly afford to be generous under these skies.

Taurus is also a reminder of patience, hard work and willingness to nurture that which we value. Anything worth having is worth waiting and working for. Money may be able to buy us nice things, but it certainly cannot buy us happiness or love, which comes from a deeper appreciation of the heart. Focus on quality rather than quantity, and there can indeed be a recognition of all that is golden and worth preserving in your world. In relationships especially, loyalty and forgiveness will be key: Taurus is one of the most committed signs and has an ability to appreciate all of life’s seasons equally.

Significantly, the Grand Earth Trine also aligns on the very same day as the Venus-Jupiter-Black Moon Lilith conjunction, making the energy especially potent and ripe for positive, solid changes and developments. Grand Trines occur when planets align at 120-degree angles to each other in three signs, forming the shape of a triangle in the sky. Astrologically, this alignment opens up an easy flow of energy between the planets and, depending on the element of the signs, we can get an idea of the feel and nature of this energy.

Earth signs are solid, grounded and, like the Earth, slower moving in nature. The change we now seek, even if it has seemed slow in coming, will be solid and will bring with it a feeling of longevity and permanence to the changes that are taking place. With a little effort, we can shift something and turn the tables with something that we might have feared would never be fixed. Ever since Mars stationed retrograde at the end of January, it may have seemed like we’ve been taking one step forward and two steps back, but no matter what has been worrying, tense or seemingly beyond repair, things can and are indeed stabilizing now.

Mars retrograde in Virgo and with Pluto in Capricorn also suggests that something needs to be uprooted and let go of first so that something more fruitful and fertile can take root. It’s like tending to a garden or farming, where it is necessary to uproot weeds and plough the land first to harvest a better crop and for healthier flowers to bloom. Pluto in Capricorn is a reminder to let go of tradition for tradition’s sake. The deeper we dig for our integrity in situations, the greater the gold we can mine.

It may be as simple as letting go of negative attitudes or expectations. Rather than looking at what is wrong, focus on what is positive in a situation and devote more energy to cultivating that. Things may never be perfect, and in truth there is no such thing as perfection. All that we can hope for is to enjoy each moment to its fullest. Look for constructive solutions while letting go of superficial values and of a desire to hold onto tradition for tradition’s sake. Also, recognize your unconscious motivations or ideas about success and security. There is more abundance here than there is any lack that we may have feared.

Next month, Mercury stations direct on April 5, 2012, which will bring us back to situations that first began to unfold in late February. Also, on April 13, 2012, Mars will station direct after a long retrograde station at the position it occupied in the sky in early November of last year.

All in all, the planets strongly suggest that there is plenty to look forward to this month. Take the time to stop and smell the roses. Do the inner work of healing, and have a little more trust in yourself. Use this time of the Sun in Pisces to really envision your dreams for your future.

On Mar. 22, 2012, a very powerful New Moon in Aries (conjunct Mercury and Uranus) is starting our new zodiacal journey with a bang. This may bring us experiences we never imagined possible even in our wildest dreams. As much as it may push us out of our comfort zone, what matters is how badly you want something. We are learning the power of what ‘one’ person can do against all seeming odds. Anything is possible with passion and determination. Feel the fire in your belly. Chase your passion…

— Priya Kale, Mar. 2, 2012

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