Unveiling Truth: Mercury stations direct in Pisces, leading to Libra Full Moon | April Cosmic Weather

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Dear Friends,

Life has demanded my attention these past few weeks since I’ve been in India. And I apologize for my absence on the Blog. But Mercury stations direct in Pisces in a few hours and Venus has just entered Gemini, so I’m hoping my writing will pick up as well.

Mercury’s direct station is bringing deep truths to the surface and more will be revealed by the light of the Libra Full Moon on April 7, 2012.

Where ever there is a sense of disillusionment or confusion, there can be greater clarity if we make the effort to peer beyond the veil of perception to get to the truth.

April may feel sticky with Mars in opposition to Neptune through the month; like we’re wading through mud. But as Mercury and Mars both change direction, slowly but surely, we are moving ahead. You can read a detailed interpretation of these aspects in the cosmic weather report for April sent out to subscribers earlier today.

Below is an excerpt from the April report describing the energy for the upcoming Libra Full Moon on April 7, 2012. Also if you missed the link yesterday here is a look back on March.

I’ll be back on Blog with more soon, as time permits. And if I don’t catch you here before Friday, have a beauty-full Full Moon.




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Cosmic Weather for April 2012

An Excerpt ==

“Meanwhile Venus enters Gemini on April 3, 2012 preparing for her retrograde in May and a long stay in Gemini all the way into August. Venus is the goddess of beauty, love, creativity, sexual and sensual pleasures; she also represents values and how we relate in matters of money and the heart. This Venus transit through Gemini brings an emphasis on communication in relationships and it may also bring the classic struggle between the head and the heart.

On April 6, 2012, at the time of the Libra Full Moon, Venus (ruler of Libra) makes a host of aspects bringing relationships into focus. Significantly, Venus forms a T-square to the Mars-Neptune opposition, offering the point of resolution and a solution to an ongoing situation that seems to have no way out. Financial situations and relationships may be especially strained or under pressure at this time, but this is also a sign that we are turning a corner.

Gemini has a dual quality to it, so there may be a sense of feeling torn or that things could go either way. When faced with a choice remember Sagittarius is the sign opposite Venus, the apex planet, suggesting that rather than choose out of fear or fantasy or swing to extremes, remember there is an open road if we can stay in the middle and aligned with a higher truth. Choose from your heart based on your values and most optimistic vision.” — Priya Kale, April 2012. Read full report.


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