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(Note — I wrote this last night under the Full Moon and made a few edits this morning.)

It’s minutes away from the Libra Full Moon as I write this, and I can see her growing and shining bright from my window in Bandra, Mumbai right now.

This Full Moon occurs at 17+ Libra with the Sun in opposition in Aries asks for self-awareness so we can steady wildly swinging emotions to find inner balance. Aspects surrounding the lunation suggest relationships and financial situations are in focus and under pressure. But there are creative solutions available now that can help stabilize a situation with teamwork and understanding.

Depending on which house Libra occupies in your chart (you can get a free chart at you will see the action in the part of your life that house represents. For example for Taurus, Libra is the 6th Solar house suggesting relationships with colleagues and people you interact with on a daily basis are highlighted. For Leo, Libra is the 3rd Solar house, relationships with siblings and important conversations are likely on the cards.

Libra is the sign that rules all one-to-one relationships; it’s symbol the scales shows us the vital importance of balance, truth, equality in a relationship. Libra is a Venus ruled air sign — symbolizing a meeting of hearts and minds, or two hearts in harmony, breathing as one.

The Sun is currently in Aries the sign of self, and the challenge right now is finding a balance between one’s needs and another’s. Acknowledge your needs in a relationship and ask yourself what you can do to create and restore balance rather than wait for someone else to do the work. Whether this means taking better care of yourself, or pitching in to share equal responsibility with another.

Also currently there is a Grand Mutable Cross forming in the sky — Juno is conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius, in close opposition to Venus conjunct the South Node who is approaching a square to Mars in Virgo who in turn is in opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

With planets occupying mutable signs this is rather slippery. Mars-Neptune in opposition is definitely asking us to go slow through this month and the Full Moon is no exception. Mars is the ruler of Aries, where the Sun is at this time. So no doubt there is a sense of urgency being felt. But it’s like a huge puddle of water on a slippery floor — no matter how badly you want to get to the other side, if you hurry you will slip and fall. So go slow and don’t be afraid to take your time. Two weeks from now Mars will trine a very fertile Taurus New Moon, suggesting we can finally get some traction and start moving alone a solid path.

Juno in Sagittarius is conjunct the North Node, suggesting honesty, trust, freedom, long distance relationships, are the likely issues we are dealing with in relationships. Whatever it is you most need from another, try to do without it and or find it within and give it to yourself.

Juno astrologically represents the bone of contention within a relationship, or the thing that stands in the way of an otherwise satisfactory relationship. In personal experience and in my experience reading charts, it can become a point of obsession, or a recurring theme in relationships. But when one is able to surrender the “need,” it is often met without struggle.

Meanwhile with Venus approaching a conjunction to the South Node (exact on April 12, 2012), there are a lot of past issues coming up for clearing — both financial as well as in relationships. Consciously release the past as you move forward: let go of memories that haunt you, past communication patterns, ideas about relationships or projecting past relationships on to the present, which prevents you from sharing love freely today.

Once Venus passes the South Node, we’re moving onward and upward. Venus does enter shadow on April 14, 2010 so the conversations, negotiations and commitments you are making then could go through a couple of rounds as Venus returns to this point in the zodiac at the end of June.

Also Venus squares Mars on April 7, 2012 (today) at the time of the Libra Full Moon so lovers quarrels may very well be on the cards, but there can be fun in making up as well. This is a passionate, creative climate, but really what’s needed is honesty with oneself first then we can communicate honestly and get on the same page with others. You may not be able to forget the past, but you can forgive it — for yourself rather than another. Forgiveness is an important step in one’s personal healing journey.

If there is love, then Venus in Gemini suggests we look at a situation or even ourselves through the eyes of someone we love or another, rather than get angry or frustrated when someone refuses to see our point of view. A square always points to an internal resolution and the aspect can bring deep understanding if we are able to see things from another perspective and integrate this understanding in one’s being actions, not just words. Then  as Mars stations direct we can move forward with this greater awareness of what works.

Venus is the ruler of Libra and her aspects are especially significant at this time in describing the energy. As she moves through Gemini, communication, honesty and negotiation will be key under these aspects. There may be a lot of mistrust floating around, and it may be wise to wait till you have more information.

At the time of a Full Moon the Sun and Moon oppose each other in the sky; with the earth in the middle. Our bodies are made of 90% water, if the Moon can affect oceans, it is natural at the time of a Full Moon for emotions to swell like the tide.

Although we are past the Full Moon, the emotional intensity is still brimming over. If something or someone seems to be frustrating you, take a deep breath and count to 10 before you respond to any situation. Ultimately what one seeks is inner peace — then one can respond to life on life’s terms; fearlessly and with the curiosity of a child.

— Priya Kale, April 6, 2012


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