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Leo New Moon Horoscopes & August Cosmic Weather


Dear Friends,

We’re in the dark of the Moon now, moving towards a Leo New Moon at 14+ degrees on Aug. 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM EDT; 10:50 PM GMT and overnight on Aug. 7, 2013 at 3:20 AM INT here in India.

“Currently the Sun is in Leo, asking us to stay in the present and recognize the creative potential of the ‘now.’ On Aug. 4, 2013, the Sun squares the Nodes. We’re entering new territory and this is a significant turning point in our karmic journey.

“The time before a New Moon can be unnerving, and in Leo, there could be a feeling of being exposed, emotionally vulnerable, or ebbing in confidence like the light of the Moon. Remember, the darkest hour is before the dawn and this lunation certainly heralds a new dawn.

“As you move towards the New Moon, this a time of release before we can re-birth. Go inward to seek inner light and confidence. Acknowledge what you’ve already created, and recognize and accept your role in the creation of important circumstances.”– August Cosmic Weather. Read Full report.

Hot on the heels of the lunation, Jupiter makes its first of three oppositions to Pluto on Aug. 7, 2013 ushering a great wave of change. The next two occur oppositions between Pluto and Jupiter occur on Jan. 31, 2014 and Apr. 21, 2014 suggesting a larger process of transformation underway, asking us to keep perspective and an eye on the bigger picture.

Also this lunation trines Uranus in Aries (in a T-square to the Jupiter-Pluto opposition) allowing us to harness this energy of the outer planets in a very personal way, offering the potential to breakthrough generational conditioning and patterning, to discover true essence.

Leo represents the Self, creativity, passion, sex for fun, true love, children and the ability to be spontaneous among other things. As this New Moon culminates, there may be unexpected opportunities arising and if we’re able to take a bold leap of faith, we’re more than likely to land on our feet.

Look back to the last Aquarius Full Moon on July 22, 2013. This came with huge revelations, asking for deep acceptance. Circumstances do not make or break us, they only reveal us — and the more we’ve been able to be honest with ourselves we can re-birth and create a new reality in alignment who we are today.

What you set in motion now has the ability to ripple out in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Be courageous and dare to follow your passion. Be honest, state your desires and let go of expectations and you could be pleasantly surprised.

Above all, don’t underestimate the power of the self. Darkness cannot exist where there is light.

With Love,



A reminder, I’ll be flying back to the US on Aug. 12, 2013 and will be available for in person Consultations in NYC on Aug. 16 and 18 and over Labor day weekend. I only have a limited slots available, so please contact me early if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Also, I will be giving free readings at the Chronogram Tarot Fair organized by Planetwaves in Kingston, NY on Aug. 17, 2013 — so please do stop by if you are in the area. If you would like to schedule an Astrology Consultation, please email me separately. I look forward to seeing you.

And I’ll catch you on the other side of the world soon!




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