Starry Starry Nights…: Harmonic Convergence; Last Quarter Taurus Moon

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There’s a rare alignment taking place over the next couple of days as the Moon moves through Taurus and planets align in two Grand Trines, in Earth and Water signs, forming a six pointed star — the Star of David.

If you read about astrology on the internet or Facebook, you’ve likely noticed posts about the ‘Harmonic Convergence,’ the ‘Grand Sextile’ etc. talking about this alignment.

But these terms simply beg the next question “what does it mean?” That’s the nature of the human mind which seeks to derive meaning, without allowing one to simply witness and experience something — life.

The ancients looked at the sky, without any Astrology textbooks, simply observing, witnessing, co-relating patterns on earth as in the heavens. Thus gaining in-sight [rather than knowledge] into the planets, their interaction and potential to manifest in a certain way here on earth.

Even fireworks can fill the air with a sense of magic, romance, hope, promise, possibility and pockets of eternity where anything is possible. Not because anything in the external has necessarily changed, but something in within us opens up, when we experience something of beauty.

And if man-made fireworks can do that — this ‘Star’ is a divinely orchestrated, celestial night show [visible, depending on weather and other factors] for the whole planet. So don’t underestimate the potential for magic and transformation under this climate.

Grand Trines occur when three planets align in three signs of the same element, forming an equilateral triangle, opening up an easy flow of energy between the planets. But they also require a level of consciousness to really tap into and channel this energy or it can be easy to simply stay in a rut and let opportunities slip by.

Currently we have a two Grand Trines operating in earth and water signs. Pluto, Venus, the Moon and the North Node are in Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus respectively; Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter and Mars are in Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer respectively.

Earth and water mix, to give us clay, new life and a fertile bed of possibility. Meanwhile Uranus is also at the fiery apex of a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto (both in the Grand Trine.) It feels like the Master potter is fashioning us out of his clay, putting us through the sacred fire, so we can become vessels for a higher spirit.

Currently the Sun is in its home sign Leo — the sign of the self, creativity, romance, sexuality, spontaneity and consciousness. The Moon is in Taurus, its sign of exaltation, and squares the Sun reaching the Last Quarter phase as we move towards the Leo New Moon on Aug. 8, 2013.

This Leo New Moon trines Uranus in Aries, on the same day as Jupiter makes it’s first opposition to Pluto — heralding a new dawn. The way I see it, this is a personal breakthrough awakening new personal consciousness and self-awareness that can be powerfully liberating and healing.

For now, as this magical ‘star’ aligns: soak in the inspiration and allow yourself to be filled with the light. There can be a sense of emotional grounding now and stability now as the Moon square to the Sun as we head towards a New Moon is a time to get real with oneself.

Studying astrology and the cycles of the planets shows us — the only constant is change. The planets are always moving, changing positions and no two moments are ever alike. Each new moment is pregnant with creative potential and what we make of it is entirely up to us. Especially now, with the Sun in Leo the sign that most represents the “eternal now.”

But potential is only that–potential, until it is manifest. As we move towards the New Moon, this will call for letting down defenses, allowing for vulnerability, a deep surrender of the ego and any false sense of identity to discover inner confidence and light, rather than any emptiness or darkness we feared. Only then can we unleash our true pas

This is a re-birth of one’s authentic self.

— Priya Kale, Mumbai


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