Into the Light…: Guru Pornima & Aquarius Full Moon

Dear Friends,

Happy Guru Pornima and Aquarius Full Moon everyone!

I wrote the report below at the end of the June, and it’s interesting that the royal baby and third in line to be King chose this Full Moon to announce his arrival. Read more below about the Full Moon and how it might be playing out in your life…




July 2013 Cosmic Weather

(This is an excerpt from the Monthly overview for July 2013 sent out to subscribers at the beginning of the month. To receive your report for August you can sign up here for a One Week Free Trial)

An Excerpt ==

Aquarius Full Moon

“Mercury’s direct station on July 20, 2013 is also followed by a dramatic Aquarius Full Moon, with the Sun at 0+ Leo suggesting major revelations coming through.

“This Full Moon occurs in Aquarius the sign of the “public” with the Sun in Leo the sign of the “king” — and then we have Saturn in Scorpio, representing “authority,” rules, the law and in Scorpio deep transformation. And with this Full Moon — you can expect the “laws of the land” are changing in the world and our world.


“With the Sun in Leo things are likely to get a little dramatic, but the Aquarius Moon suggests a level of emotional detachment will be key. Be conscious of your own ego and projections, and avoid feeding the drama or engage in futile power struggles, when you can put your energy to so much better use.“Leo is the sign of the Self and Aquarius the sign of freedom. Although we are reaching the end of a chapter in relationships, the end is always a new beginning. And as Mercury stations direct days after the lunation there can be re-connections within relationships as well, allowing us for greater freedom and space to be ourselves and be loved and accepted for it.

“The Leo-Aquarius axis also relates with love and friendship, but Saturn squaring the lunation asks for a respect personal space and boundaries, then there can be deep intimacy and commitment. But first there needs to be self-awareness and acknowledgement of your desires, you can share them freely with others, rather than holding on to expectations of what you will receive, or isolating or detaching from emotions out of fear of rejection.

“Beware of building too many walls, rules, judgements or expectations to “protect” yourself; which effectively cage you from expressing yourself and sharing your passion. If it feels like the walls are closing in, take responsibility for your own feelings rather than project them on another. You are being revealed an important truth about yourself, allowing you to see a situation in a new light. It all begins with self-love and self-acceptance.

“And if there a sense of blockage or limitation this is pointing to something that needs to be resolved internally so there can be growth. Remember the serenity prayer, be conscious of your desires, ego, motivations and let go of expectations of others. You have every reason to feel proud of who you are, but you can’t expect validation from others.” — An Excerpt from Cosmic Weather: July 2013. Read full report.



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