‘A perfect sky…’ musings on Astrology, Leo and Compassion…

“Even artichokes have hearts…” — ‘Amelie’ from the Movie ‘Amelie’


Hello all,

It’s around 9 PM here in NYC on Saturday and I just thought I’d check in and ramble for a few. But now, I’m just having an ah-a moment because about 15 minutes ago I burst into tears over an emotional trigger that totally caught me by surprise. Now that I sat down to write I see the Moon has just passed her opposition to Uranus in Pisces, which explains my outburst that came from seemingly nowhere, but opened up and healed.

Last week while I was visiting Niles in DC, we were walking home one evening as the sun set coloring the sky a brilliant blood-orange and I said to him “As I like to say, it’s always a perfect sky.” He picked up on the pun thinking I meant it astrologically as well as just the sheer beauty of it. It stopped me dead in my tracks because I’ve said that sentence all my life and never even related it to astrology, just the the physical sky. For the first time I got the gravity of that statement in a whole new light.

It is true. It is always a ‘perfect’ sky, and the “sky” is only reflective of the Universe within. Whether we know it or not, whether we worry or not, or whether we give ourselves guilt or not — we are moving exactly according to a higher cosmic plan learning the lessons we were meant to learn. And it is never more apparent during the time of the Eclipses. Faith is key…

We have a newly Eclipsed Leo Sun now, tearing down the ego to release our most compassionate selves. So be gentle and compassionate with your self above all at this time.

On that note — here is an excerpt from the Leo Eclipse Moon report [originally part of subscriber service] I wrote six-months ago in February. It may be interesting to see how far you’ve come since then. Followed by an excerpt from Painted Soul with Niles’ thoughts on Compassion…




You can click on the links to read the full articles. Also, the Sample Leo Horoscope for this week is in the post below this one.


Leo Lunar Eclipse, Feb. 9, 2009


An excerpt —

“This lunation is a huge step in the process of “ego death,” as we move towards a path of crystallization of the “self.” On a very personal level we are being awoken to our mission. With all the Aquarius in the sky, the Leo Moon seems to stand alone on the other side and it feels like a heavy emotional cross to bear. But there is a universal message arising now of oneness and acceptance needs to be understood to get through these times. In Leo the Moon represents the animal instincts within us, the 5th house of BE-ing; the beautiful beast. It represents the heart in its most evolved state, but like an animal when we are afraid we attack when we feel defensive. I’ve been watching the Dog Whisperer on TV and he does what I do as an astrologer — works with energy… not the mind or the ego. Ultimately what we need as human beings is this same balance of energy, to get out of our heads and ego’s relate from a level of soul and heart, as human beings.”

“Even if we don’t know the person ‘personally,’ isn’t their being human — enough to qualify them worthy of compassion? And compassion is not the same thing as feeling sorry for someone. You can never help anyone you feel sorry for; pity does more harm than good. Considering another less than oneself does nothing to help build their self-esteem and may be a good time to take a quick check in the Neptunian mirror for any projection of wounds, including ones own issues of needing to build self-confidence. You cannot allow the opinions and judgments of society to lead the way to your mission. REmember in all this Aquarian energy the need to find one self and be oneself has never been greater and the Leo Moon may just have us putting on a brave front when we feel more than a little insecure. Reaching out the hand of compassion only starts a cycle that is likely ripple out in waves.”

— Priya Kale


Today from Painted Soul :

An excerpt ==

“Compassion is holding the hand of your lover all night long in the hospital after a traumatic experience and not knowing what in heaven’s name to say but knowing that compassion and love compel you to simply be there.
Compassion is being able to do just that: be present in uncertainty, in darkness, in joy and in revelry and not have to ‘do’ anything.  Sometimes Being is more of an action than doing.

“Compassion at times feels like ‘uselessness’ – for when we humans can’t ‘fix’ or ‘cure’ things we tend to deny them.  But remember, curing and fixing are not the same thing as healing, and healing always involves compassion.
Compassion is being able to look yourself in the mirror with all the faults, foibles, wounds, joys, beauties and say, I am here…I love you.  And to offer that same gift to a friend (or foe).

“Compassion knows that regardless of how many times we’ve fallen down, it is the getting up that is the gift.
And as we continue to journey, deeper into the Wild Divine, deeper into our hearts, and deeper into each other, it is vital to re-member that compassion is never easy, nor is it ever wasted.”

— Niles Comer

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