Venus aspects… Silver linings and rainbows…

Dear Friends and Readers,

We have a Grand Air Trine forming in the sky right now as the Moon passes through Libra, while Venus in Gemini trines the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron. Expect the energy to be light, inspirational, creative, social, optimistic. This is likely to feel like a breath of fresh air showing us the silver lining to any dark clouds.

Given the recent intensity of the Eclipse the energy can help heal any wounds we’ve been nursing, giving us the impetuous to make healthy changes in our lives. Ask what makes your heart feel free, accepted, loved and hopeful — you can have more of what you want if you dare dream it. With the Moon in Libra, it should be easier to speak from the heart with an air of detachment.

As she squares Uranus on Tuesday, things could get rather passionate, sexual and creative. There could be sudden turnarounds in relationships or financial situations leading to breakthroughs or break-ups. The energy is slippery and we could get carried away if not careful, so be conscious of the heart and what it feels at all times. But then again this is the kind of energy that dreams, rainbows and serendipity are made of, so if there is something your heart wants — reach for it and then let go of all expectation.

On personal note, I’ve already been feeling this energy pretty strongly. My friend Cole called me Sunday morning asking if I wanted to go to the beach with him and his girlfriend Michelle. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, but predictably by the time we got there there was a thunderstorm. So we waited it out until the Sun came out and with stunning rainbow over the horizon. It took my breath away literally.

Then just as we began to get comfortable the storm came down again. And then just like that in about five minutes the Sun came right back out with another rainbow on the horizon. I was waiting for the angels to sing and I don’t think there was anybody on that beach that didn’t feel the magic in the air. We ended the night at a cafe in Brooklyn watching lightening light up the sky like spider webs before we drove back home. It wasn’t exactly the day at the beach I planned, but one infinitely and divinely more memorable.

Here’s wishing us all more magic over the next couple of days…

Love and Rainbows,



Thank you Isa for mailing out the pics!


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