2009 Yearly Horoscopes – MID-YEAR SALE!

2009 Yearly Horoscopes, MID-YEAR SALE!


Given that we are half-way through the year and in the thick of the Eclipses, the 2009 Horoscopes are now on Sale!

Each horoscope contains an in-depth forecast of approx. 1200 words, covering a general and love and relationship overview for each sign and rising sign for the year ahead.

The Passwords to the Horoscopes will be EMAILED to you within 24 hours of your order.

You can access the Horoscopes at this link by entering the Password at the prompt.

Thank you and I look forward to being your astrologer in 2009 and the years to come…


Priya, Jul. 27, 2009


Here is a shorter sample Solar Return forecast for Pisces written in 2006.


ALL 12 Signs 2009 Horoscopes – $ 24.99 USD

2009 Horoscopes for any TWO Signs* – $15.99 USD

Enter any TWO Signs

*Purchase two signs covering the forecast for your Sun and Rising sign; or for you and a partner.

2009 Horoscope for Any ONE Sign

– $8.99 USD

Any ONE Sign


Here is some Feedback


Hi Priya,

I just finished re-reading my 2009 year ahead report for Virgo.  When I first read it months ago I thought it sounded lovely but I just couldn’t imagine it would turn out to be true let alone as magical as you made it sound. Having just gone over it again I realized that the things happening in my life now are just as you described and just as magical. How on earth do you manage to be so accurate. So often your writings have left me with my jaw hanging open at their accuracy.  Thank you. Your clarity is a huge blessing in my life. It’s almost as if your are an angel guiding me on to do what I came her to do.  And that’s no easy task…for either of us. LOL



Dear Priya,

I thank you!!!  I am at work and I’ve snuck a peek at my Aquarius …but what I intend to do is savour them all tonite in the peace and quiet of home.  As I’ve told you before, your writing is simply wowing me and my BF – so beautifully written and so very very apt.  Your gift is our joy …have a wonderful day, you deserve it!




I just wanted to thank you for the 2009 Horoscope. I have work to do, but as a Taurean I feel I have every chance going for me this year…Am I allowed to say that I love you for what you do, how you are and how you have been a catalyst for me to slough off some of my old and inhibiting beliefs and values?
The weekend… It was like an old energy was replaced with new. I feel very vital today and the horoscope has been most timely.
Thank you Priya,
With very much love,

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