Venus squares Uranus, Moon enters Scorpio

2009 Yearly Horoscopes, MID-YEAR SALE!

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Venus in Gemini squares Uranus in Pisces today, while still forming a close trine to planets in Aquarius. I wrote a little about these aspects in a blog yesterday.

We are between eclipses and with the Moon entering Scorpio early this morning, expect the mystery to deepen. There could be sudden changes today, but if you can be imaginative, inspired, creative and willing to go with the flow this could lead to somewhere potentially heavenly.

This is passionate, creative, sexually charged energy asking us to slip into our hearts and to break through the mental or emotional boundaries that keep us from experiencing something divine. The truth could come spilling out with a little effort, so be willing to be surprised but it would be best not to have any expectations.

I can surely feel the pace quicken even in the past 24 hours and it feels like I’ve lived a lifetime even since the beginning of this month. Much has changed and with current aspects leading up to the Lunar Eclipse on Aug. 5, 2009 there’s still plenty of magic in the air.

Hope all is well where you are,


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