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New Video: Pisces Full Moon – Sun in Virgo | “Working Magic”

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to this very potent, magical, healing Pisces Full Moon. I was at the beach this weekend, meditating, writing, rejuvenating and centering.

Virgo-PiscesAlso, yesterday I was witness to one of the most awe-inspring, breath taking sunset and moonrise.

With the Pisces Moon rising above the ocean just as the Virgo Sun set, setting the sky ablaze, with me in the middle on the “mothership.”

My phone battery was dead so, I had to just soak it in. Which is just as well, because no photograph could do it justice. You had to be there.

But then again, the skies are simply brimming with divine beauty at this time. And there is magic all around you. You just have to pay attention.

Here’s a recent Blog covering the Pisces Full Moon energy, and I’ve written about it in greater detail in the weekly report sent out to subscribers.

I am about to get on the road to head back to life in Kingston. But I was inspired to record this quick short video for you covering the energy of the Full Moon.

New Video: Pisces Full Moon – Sun in Virgo | “Working Magic”

There are also major aspects unfolding as the week progress and this Full Moon energy spills over; with a Mercury-Pluto square, Mars enters Sagittarius and Mercury enters shadow.

I have written about these aspects and shifts in the weekly astrology report. Subscribers — I’m just adding a few final edits, and you should have it sometime tonight as I touch base in Kingston.

If you aren’t yet a subscriber you can sign up here for a one week free trial, and I will send the report out to you by email. (You can cancel anytime in the first week and you will not be charged.)

More soon, but in the meanwhile, this is deep cleansing in effect. Clear space and allow room for the magic in your life…

I wish you a blessed and healing Full Moon…





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