Aries Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse: “Full woman, fleshly apple, hot moon…”

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New Video: Aries Lunar Eclipse Oct. 8, 2014


“Full woman, fleshly apple, hot moon,
thick smell of seaweed, crushed mud and light,
what obscure brilliance opens between your columns?
What ancient night does a man touch with his senses?

“Loving is a journey with water and with stars,
with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour:
loving is a clash of lightning-bolts
and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey.”

— Pablo Neruda


Hello friends… and welcome to the Aries Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse which takes place in just a few hours of my writing this at 6:50 AM EDT on Oct. 8, 2014 at 15+ Aries.

10687040_10152297647785706_1769238564841486721_nThe Sun is at 15+ Libra in opposition to the Aries Moon which also forms a conjunction to Uranus at 14+ Aries (in a Grand Fire Trine to Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo.)

The Sun, Venus and the North Node in Libra form a Kite with the Grand Trine providing an outlet for this very passionate energy. So look to where you have Libra in your chart, this is where you can channel this energy most effectively.

There are bound to surprising developments perhaps shocking revelations unfolding over the coming days. And this Full Moon is setting in motion a chain of events that could spread very rapidly like wild-fire.

The energy is passionate but also volatile, so pay attention to what you are feeding and be aware of what you wish to create so you don’t allow self-destructive emotions get the better of you. You don’t have to lose your innocence, but it is time to grow up.

This is extremely passionate energy which, channeled consciously, can lead to incredible breakthroughs, rather than feeling like a breakdown. With the Moon-Uranus-South Node, the energy (manifesting in the form of events around you) is blasting past layers of defenses, conditioning, emotional baggage, fears and limitations; bringing the feeling of liberation and a return to the “self.”

Also at the time of the Full Moon, Venus, the ruler of the Sun in Libra makes an exact square to Pluto in Capricorn bringing relationships to a profound turning point. Really something is changing within, asking you to reclaim your power in situations that you’ve previously, perhaps unconsciously given it away.

And what it (Uranus) really comes down to is acceptance; in Aries, starting with self-acceptance. Then there can be a real feeling liberation, allowing to share of yourself freely. Also Mercury is retrograde, so there may be unexpected re-connections, or then revelations, asking you to re-evaluate important choices.

I’ve recorded a short video for this Aries Lunar Eclipse that you can watch here. There are other aspects unfolding now and over the coming weeks as we move through this very powerful Eclipse season. I’ve interpreted the aspects and energy surrounding the Eclipse in greater detail in the Aries Lunar Eclipse report, as well as in the extended horoscopes.

You can sign up here for a one week free trial to the Cosmic Diaries Subscriber service to receive the Eclipse Moon report and extended Eclipse Horoscopes in your email. (Read sample horoscopes in the blog post below this one or here at this link.)

On another note — It’s been just about a week since I returned from Arizona, where I was attending/monitoring at the ISAR Astrology conference. It was an absolutely incredible experience: learning, growing, re-connecting with my old friends, making new ones. I’m still absorbing and processing all I have learned. I feel energized, inspired and cannot begin to express the love and gratitude I feel for my astro-family. And I look forward to sharing my insights with you, here and in our consultations, in the time to come.

Also a huge shout out and big love to (my clients and) dear friends Kim and Maria in Phoenix. Meeting you was certainly one of the highlights of my visit and can’t wait to see you again soon.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before I will be speaking at the Open Forum at the SOTA Conference at Niagara Falls, NY later this month from Oct. 23-26, 2014– so if you live in the area or have ever contemplated attending an astrology conference, come on up.  It will be great to see you in person, and I have little doubt it will be an unforgettable experience.

On that note, I wish you a very blessed Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse… Don’t underestimate the life-changing power of the Eclipses and the current climate we are in. And if there is something you want to release or be free of, so you can live more authentically, there could be no more opportune time than now.

With Love,



I am currently offering a discount on Consultations through this Mercury retrograde period, if you purchase two or more Consultations. (Link below.) Given we’re moving through Eclipses there could be no better time than now to check in with your astrology.


New Video: Aries Lunar Eclipse Oct. 8, 2014

Cosmic Diaries Subscriber Service

October 2014 Monthly & Aries Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

Astrology Consultations – Mercury retrograde Discount

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