“Et tu, Brute?” : Gemini Moon opposes Mars in Sagittarius; moving to Scorpio Solar Eclipse

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“…I know nothing, except what everyone knows— if there when Grace dances, I should dance.” — W.H. Auden


So….. How was your Eclipse? We’re a few days into the cycle: yesterday Venus is made an opposition to Uranus, today Oct. 12, 2014 the Sun just passed a conjunction to the North Node earlier today and Venus follows on Oct. 14, 2014.

"total eclipse of the heart."At the time of this Eclipse with the Sun in my 11th house, there have been surprising new beginnings as well as endings in friendships, and my own relationship patterns.

The revelations keep coming… Bitter-sweet, yet liberating. And I’d surprised if you told me you weren’t surprised already with developments and if there wasn’t at least one situation, that blew your mind or heart or whatever open.

But no matter what’s unfolding in the external world, what’s more revealing and important to your evolution, are the emotions that are welling up within you. Relationships are pushing boundaries, awakening you to parts of yourself, fears, anger, desires, love, passion and or emotions that you didn’t know existed or you were were capable of experiencing.

Go to the source of the emotion. It’s hard in the moment when you’re caught unaware to know how to act or react. But still avoid a “fight or flight” response.

Be honest about what you’ve outgrown. And acknowledge what your relationships are reflecting to you, about yourself and others, even if some truths are hard to swallow.

Also be in no denial of, perhaps any unconscious ways, that you may be manipulating the truth to serve your own self-serving motives or to “look good.” With the Sun and Venus in Libra, the danger is that you try to play it cool, or put on a front, when there are hot emotions bubbling under the surface. Then the slightest provocation could unexpectedly blow your lid.

Libra asks for an equal balance. Are your relationships equal? Is there a balance of give and take? Do you give too much and then resent? Are your needs being met? What are your needs? Who do you value? And what is the value of what’s being exchanged?

Expectations lead to disappointment. But pay attention to who shows up when you need them? through actions not words? What are the superficial rules, attachments, or conditioning you need to let go of?

You can’t cling to tradition or relationships for that matter that are changing, but stay true to your values, then it will be easier to make this transition. With Venus and the Sun in Libra in conjunction to the North Node in Libra, this is a “date with destiny.”

Pay close attention to what unfolds over these days, a lot is being revealed about people allowing you to make informed choices about your future.

Currently, the Moon is in Gemini, approaching an opposition to Mars, and a trine to Mercury tomorrow Monday Oct. 12, 2014 with the Sun and Venus on the North Node.

If you have nothing nice to say, it might be better to say nothing at all, than say something you would later regret. You need not judge, project blame, anger, or your emotions on to another. Channel or release emotions first, consciously, then you can regain balance and respond to something rather than react to it.

Monday afternoon at 1:08 PM EDT, the Gemini Moon trines a retrograde Mercury in Libra, this could offer a chance to clear the air and re-negotiate important arrangements or then at least gain a deeper understanding of recent events so you can make more informed choices. Learn from your experiences. But, if you can, find it in your heart to forgive what or who has hurt you. Not for their sake, but your own. Also acknowledge your role in a situation or how, your actions or, behavior may have been hurtful. And forgive yourself for it too.10665915_10152311790145706_4296481075095440527_n

As the Moon enters Cancer moves through the Grand Cross and then enters Leo reaching the Quarter Moon, the energy continues to spill over bringing home truth.

With Mercury moving direct on Oct. 25, 2014 shortly after the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on Oct. 23, 2014, we’re entering a whole new chapter — and you have one more chance to re-write a story in the light of what you’re now learning.

The Universe is constantly trying to find a balance between opposite forces and polarities. As the Sun moves through Libra, a cardinal air sign, this is easier, air moves freely. But energy of Scorpio — a fixed water sign — the entanglements get deeper — “till death do us part.”) — water is harder to separate when mixed.

But even if not “death” in its literal sense, nothing lasts forever. Even if it is life that parts you — through separation, events, time space, location, divorce, it is still the death of a part of you, but in that a new you has been reborn forever, changed by your love and exchanges with another.

The Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse has brought us to the end of a cycle, and there is an immense potential to breakthrough patterns, you’ve been in since childhood to embrace an authentic way of being.

As you move towards the Scorpio New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Oct. 23, 2014 do your best to release what you need to release emotional baggage that weighs you down. You need not “let go” of anyone, it’s your own skin you’re shedding, so you can relate to the world and others in a new way. Then it will be easier to navigate Scorpio territory, without experiencing power struggles.

Venus is conjunct the New Moon at time of this Eclipse. relationships are changing deeply as are financial situations. Even as something is dying, there is something smoldering and resurrecting in the ashes. The Scorpio New Moon each year also coincides with Diwali — the Hindu festival of lights. And given the Eclipse this year, you can expect this time to be even more potent and auspicious.

I’ll have a detailed interpretation of the aspects and energy surrounding this Eclipse in the Scorpio Eclipse report. To receive this and the recent Aries Lunar Eclipse report and Horoscopes in your email you can sign up here for a one week free trial.

For now, as the Sun moves through its final days in Libra — recognize, you too, have a choice. And you can choose the relationships you value and who truly value you, where there is mutual love, respect and who share with you equally of themselves as you with them. Then there can be a true feeling of liberation, feeling alive to love, create, dance with life and grace.

With Love,


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Important reminder — I will be speaking at the Open Forum at the SOTA 2014 Conference being held at Niagara Falls, NY from Oct. 23 – 26, 2014. If you are thinking of coming or have not yet registered, do it before it’s too late. It would be lovely to see you there! www.donnavantoen.com


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