Aries Full Moon at 21+ degrees

Welcome to the Aries Full Moon! The Moon report is ready for download at this link. This is an approximately 2200 word article with a detailed interpretation of the aspects taking place at the time of the lunation. Here are the first few paragraphs, an excerpt —

“At the time of the exact opposition of the Sun and Moon both planets make exact aspects to Neptune in the form of a trine and sextile respectively. Also both planets aspect Juno in Sagittarius; the Moon forms a trine and the Sun a sextile. The planets are now forming the shape of a ‘cats cradle’ in the sky, collecting the energy in a basket where it can be worked with. Also at this time the Libra Sun is exactly conjunct Eros, while the Moon makes an exact conjunction to Eris and the asteroid Lilith in Aries.

“With the Sun in Libra opposing Moon in Aries we are learning of our inner most emotional responses and desires driving us forward in our relationships. Full Moon’s tend to polarize situations with a feeling of being stretched – here the question certainly seems to be how do we satisfy the inner child so that it gets its needs met within the confines of an adult relationship, that asks for balance and compromise. The Sun in Venus ruled Libra also speaks of the creative forces at work. If are willing to dive in to discover our burning soul passion, we can create something of lasting beauty and value.

“With both planets aspecting Neptune in Aquarius there is an almost heady feeling of idealism in the face of everything that seems to be wrong. Be patient and willing to absorb truth and higher wisdom pouring in. The energy feels like a pressure cooker waiting to explode — but in a friendlier way. With Mercury stationary it may be hard to yet form words to these vivid visions. In fact things may seem downright confusing – there is a feeling of time almost standing still. Mercury stations direct tomorrow intensifying the revelatory nature of this lunation. Don’t be too quick to come to a conclusion; its like we are reaching a soul, instinctual understanding of something first and may only be able to make coherent sense of everything once Mercury picks up speed.”

— Priya Kale, Aries Full Moon, Oct. 14, 2008.

You can read the entire article by downloading file at this link. Take care of yourself, have a safe and Happy Full Moon filled with love, passion and gentle truth. Bye for now!

— Priya


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