Sun squares Varuna in Cancer, Mars opposes Asbolus in Taurus

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Hello and welcome back to another week!

We start this one leading into a highly charged Full Moon, which takes place in Aries tomorrow at around 3 PM here in New York and later in evening in UK. This has been a rather intense Mercury retrograde phase in many ways. Its common to revisit the past in some way during this phase of Mercury going backwards in the sky, often through meeting people from our past.

In Libra we have likely been down memory lane with some of our relationships, at best this has been a time for us to look at our deeper ingrained patterns and perceptions that manifest into communications within our relationships. Personally, I have noticed this is a time when I tend to “shut down” and go inward for deep internal reflection. So starting the next time Mercury is retrograde (which won’t happen until next year) I plan to cut back on daily blogging. But that’s a while away and I’ll give you fair warning before I do.

Mercury stations direct on Wednesday the day after the Full Moon. Full Moons themselves bring revelation — but combined with Mercury stationing direct we can certainly expect the truth to surface in a big way. Libra is also the sign of justice suggesting we may be about to stumble upon or be confronted with key information, that finally readdresses an important balance. The Moon ingressed Aries overnight and continues to grow into fullness over today leading up to its opposition to the Libra Sun tomorrow. This Full Moon is highlighting the polarity between compromise within relationships and an inner emotional desire to express our independence and individuality — asking for balance between the two.

Today the Sun in Libra squares Varuna in Cancer asking us to take a closer look at our commitments and warns against making promises we can’t keep. Varuna is pre-historic deity who was also the “punisher of broken oaths,” the Sun in Libra is a symbol of justice — both suggesting there may be a need to take personal responsibility for any failed promises without deflecting fault or pointing fingers. Varuna’s energy can also have a “larger than life” feeling suggesting we could now find a profound inner understanding of a situation, perhaps without being able to put it into words. There seems to be a touch of the divine within this aspect, showing us how we can evolve our relationships to that higher level if we can seek to be honest with ourselves first.

Also today, Mars in Scorpio opposes Asbolus in Taurus, suggesting there is resilience and potential for resurrection now if we so choose. Asbolus is the Greek word for ‘carbon-dust’ which forms the essential component of most physical matter. It tends to show up with strong themes of survival through chaos and with the ability to emerge from life-threatening situations almost unscathed.

Mars in Scorpio is a powerful alchemical process, helping us actively and consciously confront darker influences so as to allow for transformation. It can almost be a regenerative influence — Scorpio being the sign that symbolizes resurrection. A water sign suggesting its influence is a deeply emotional visceral one and with Mars moving through the sign we are all likely aware of the pain of being able to feel too much at times.

No matter how difficult things may seem or how much hurt we are carrying, we have the potential to let go of the pain and negativity. In Taurus, Asbolus is a picture of resilience and we maybe coming face to face with a feeling of having survived a challenging situation. With the planets in Scorpio and Taurus, there is an aspect that suggests these could even be deep sexual wounds. But if we are willing to surrender darker emotions there could be rapid healing — sexual healing even.

If anything we are learning we are all survivors. We all go through our own private hell — often a self-created product of the mind. But even for those that have survived real life tragedies, days like today are a testament to the strength of the human spirit — its ability to overcome, live and love another day.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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