October Monthly Horoscopes


Early this month something shifts. You are ready to go deeper into an arrangement or intimate relationship that has a distinct feeling of surrender into the unknown. There is a distinctly seductive quality to this union that’s daring you to pursue your more hidden desires, even as you have considerable doubts regarding this situation. There is an aspect of the past that seems to have made its way back into your daily reality and you may be wondering how it all fits. Around mid-month a Full Moon in your sign is putting you in the spotlight uncovering how you instinctively feel about someone or something. But I would suggest you keep open the channels of honest fair communication and not pressure yourself into a decision. If you are able to keep voicing your doubts through this process, you will find a lot of them balance each other out. Events this month are bringing you to crucial turning point asking you to let go of something you “think” is very important to you. But you are only learning a lesson in non-attachment and the ability to free-fall. By the end of the month you may surprise yourself with the depth of your ability to go forward on instinct alone. But you are making contact with something so electrically divine and intriguing, one would wonder if you had a choice.


There’s something mysterious and intriguing about you now that seems to be attracting all the right kind of attention. You are about to make contact with an unexpected stroke of good fortune if you are willing to take a bit of a risk. It may involve you having to let go any illusions or fears you may have of not getting the kind of success or love that you deserve. If you do, you will see the waves you are making are indeed inspiring and drawing a great many into your world. If you are willing to dream big, there are all kinds of surprises coming your way. At this time, I suggest you do what you can to organize your daily life in a way that it supports the fulfillment of your ideal life. Be it physical objects, routines, relationships or your health only that, which brings balance and harmony to your being, has a rightful place in your life – including your perceptions and attitude. You are leading the way in one important relationship. Someone seems to be mesmerized by your magical powers, but is still harboring a few doubts. If you can encourage communication, the end of the month should find you deepening a soul union that leaves you feeling beautifully lost in the divine.


You are working through the layers of your essential being now, contemplating all the disaster scenarios that could inevitably ensue. I suggest you flip this process around on its head, go slow and prepare for it to last through the month. You may be battling deep insecurities, perhaps surrounding a matter around ‘home’ that keeps you from moving forward and living your life. An important relationship may be the basis of this situation, where you feel like another person holds most of the cards. What I can see but you can’t is that you are essentially standing on solid ground. These doubts that you are having although valid are a lot of intellectual garbage. Needless this is something you need to go through to realize how your ‘mind’ has little to do with your “true” reason for being. Passion, creativity, adventure need an outlet and these can only be done through “living” each day. Not by “thinking” about how you should be living. If you were to live each day as if it were your last, what would you do? Who would you love? What would you create that would survive you, to go on and live in this world?


You are reaching a revelation regarding your professional ambitions this month; bringing you to a turning point within a partnership. Indeed events in your life are conspiring to keep your attention firmly on domestic affairs, so this may require you to get out of your head and see how you feel. You are working through layers of your mind, issues and insecurities that have more to do with the past than the present. You are likely learning now how your communication within your closest relationships affects perceptions – yours and others. You need to commit now to living your true passion, following your true sexual desires and create from the depths of your being. If you can stay true to yourself and your mission on this planet, help will pour in through the ethers. This could be financial and emotional support from people who are aware of your burning ambition. All that may be required now is you believe it, not with your mind but in your heart and as a raging feeling in your blood.


You may begin this month feeling like a tongue-twisted cat. But what is it that’s really got your tongue? You are learning this month the impact of your communication, perceptions, thoughts and mind in your relationships. Something’s got a fire going in your belly and this may have more to do with a deeply hidden passion or desire, than you want to let on. It may even have to do with you taking a look at your past and seeing how your responses are conditioned by the love you did or did not receive when you were a child. How many of these fears have a place in your life today? You may want to internalize this process, but I suggest you do all you can to voice your thoughts within your most important relationships. There may be some anger there, but there is a greater soul fire that longs for what lies beyond the horizon. One honest, soulful conversation mid-month with a partner is indeed helping you rise above. Allow yourself to express how you feel knowing that perhaps for the first time you are really being heard. It may take a while for you to come around to believing this. But if you can be truthful even about your doubts, you may find they dissolve into the mist. Leaving you at the end of the month starting a whole new phase that shows you the true meaning of ‘belonging.’


Just when you thought you were moving forward, something seems to be slamming the breaks. You thought you wanted one thing, events this month are conspiring to ask you to ask again. But as you do, be willing to confront the truth, aggressively by voicing your deepest fears, passion and perhaps even anger. The scarier it feels, the more likely it is you are on the right track and I suggest you keep with this process and not be quick to judge. You are in the midst of uncovering where your real values lie and may be coming to a deep understanding of yourself. This is coming in the light of a powerful relationship. Be patient with yourself. You are growing in awareness every day – in ways that you may not even recognize. You haven’t even seen the full extent of your worth, creativity and its power to heal more people than you may imagine. You are truly standing on a gold mine that you have built with your hard work, waiting patiently to show you abundant horizons.


You may be hesitating and questioning some of your most basic ideas about yourself. Who are you? What are you capable of? What are your deepest desires? The ones you rarely let yourself know much less anyone else. As you go through this month you are in a process of redefining your identity that may be almost painful at times. It may come through a realization of what a particular relationship means to you. Indeed there is at least one person in your life that has the ability to shine a light on your innermost needs. This may be someone you come you are creatively or romantically involved with. What you are seeing is how you ideas about yourself, create the reality around you which is manifested in your relationships and your greater vision. If you are willing to be honest with yourself about your values, your sense of worth or any feelings of worthlessness, you may finally be on the road to answering a few key questions. What you discover may surprise you with its intensity and its depth, but make no mistake it will set you free.


Venus and Mars are both in your sign now, creating cresting waves of love, passion, desire and transcendence overflowing through your being. Early in the month are ready to dip your toes in the unknown, but you may still have your doubts about a certain situation or relationship. Stay with them, you can readdress a balance as long you remember this is an intellectual issue you are dealing with. You’ve already been through the process of living your fears and expressing your anger at a situation that you never thought you would leave behind. A partner for their part seems to have awakened to a few painful truths. When in doubt I would suggest you pay attention to the heart you feel beating a dangerously wild beat in your being, or the adrenaline rushing through your veins. Your fears seem to be a product of your subconscious mind and the past, rather than the real sweet gift that lies in front of you. You may be blind to just how beautiful you appear to others, but make no mistake – people are blinded by the shining light that is your soul. Allow your inner trust to guide you to the clarity of mission you seek. You have learned is money follows passion, and what you truly seek is deep value. It also has something to do with your extraordinary healing powers – yes, you have them too. As you do, you are unfurling into a ‘you’ that wakes you to who are and always have been since the beginning of timeless time.


You did it, you’ve survived and what’s more you are thriving. This is a good moment to stop and take a look back at your life over the past decade or so. The truths you’ve learned about yourself may have come at a price but none too much for the sense of freedom of being it has left you with. A particular dream of yours though, seems to be infuriating trapped in the ideas of someone else who hasn’t yet grasped the enormity of your worth. Be patient with yourself and others this month. You will reach at least two points in the month when you’re going to have to dig deep for your values and stand for them in the face of someone else’s doubts. This may be your dream, just ask yourself if it is giving you the kind of creative satisfaction you yearn for. There are many creative ideas floating in your head, some more aggressive and scary than others. Some may even come out of your darkest fears, but what is being stirred in your soul is a fertile, alchemical potion and you would do well to explore your dreams and fantasies, perhaps write them down. A new movie is about to begin and you are about to get a directors seat – it is your vision that is leading the way.


No doubt you feel the earth moving under your feet and it is. You are fast moving into the movie of your life where you get to be the star. Over the next decade or so, I suggest you keep in mind ‘The Truman Show’ (if you haven’t watched the movie I suggest you do so now.) You are about to go traveling on a journey of uncovering every the truth behind every lie anyone has ever told you about your ‘self’ – even those you’ve managed to convince yourself of. As you do, keep in mind this moment in your life. Somehow you’ve managed to perch yourself high enough from where you can see the whole action and drama. As you go through this month take your time sorting through ideas about your professional ambitions. Any obstacles you face are only in terms of logistics. It may just mean rearranging your priorities to realign with your deepest values and the change will come rapidly once you do. In the meanwhile make sure you are enjoying your friends and the intriguing strangers, now crossing your path. They have secrets to tell you about yourself — a couple may be more wet and wild than you imagined.


Professionally all eyes seem to be on you and trust these are connections and networks that are spreading their roots deep and wide for your future. Early in the month you get a sweet surprise that is likely to warm your heart and deepen the mystery all at once. If you are willing to push your boundaries yet again, you will reach a new depth of inspiration that can have you hot on the tails of success. But there is a process of unraveling a few tangled ideas you seems to be having about something that seems too far out of reach. Again I suggest you remember these are mental blocks. In reality you will see that your dream is does not have to remain a dream. It is a vision so deep and electric one that is pulling your horizons to you, the world into your private world – without you having to move an inch. People are responding to how you feel about yourself. Don’t stay in shallow waters, dive deep – if you do you’re likely to come across at least one opportunity to have your voice heard and worth recognized. Success comes to those who dare to claim theirs.


Your heart is exploding with sweet passion and this may come from a mysterious stranger far away. Something new, foreign and intriguing is making its way into your being like a deliciously wet and wild muse. This may be sheer creative inspiration or something closer to the heart. Regardless, if you dare to explore this seeming fantasy further you may be in for a pleasant surprise. One that can simultaneously strengthen your relationship to a partner or give you access to the kind of resources you need to make this dream a reality. It may seem that a situation keeps coming up with reasons to make you doubt that this is a possibility. Keep the dialogue open; not everyone has the clarity of vision you do, nor are they as equipped to navigate through the fog. If you do you, you will find a dual process emerge. One that simultaneously deepens and strengthens your understanding with a partner and gives you access to the kind of resources you need to make your dream a reality. You will have at least two opportunities this month to kick off the blinders of the naysayers. Remember success comes to those that dare to claim it.

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