Mercury trines Nessus, Sun sextiles Quaoar, Venus trines Uranus in Pisces, Moon in Aquarius

Rippling waves of awareness and healing are abundant now. The Chiron Nessus conjunction in Aquarius is profoundly symbolic of the patterns of abuse handed down to us through generations that affect us on a personal as well collective level. Eric Francis has written widely about this conjunction and its effects on us as a society its toxicity and the incredible opportunity it offers us for an uprising and awakening.

With Nessus comes the feeling of ‘the buck stops here.’ We may be dealing with a mess that was created rather sub-consciously and trying to unravel it may seem like untangling a ball of yarn in the dark. As Mercury trines Nessus today, we are getting a deeper understanding of our own ingrained patterns that are manifested as forces of chaos in our own life. This is a longer process of unraveling, but something is coming through now as a realization of what must unequivocally happen next.

Just before mid-night the Sun sextiles Quaoar followed by Venus’ trine to Uranus in Pisces soon after mid-night here in New York. With the Sun making a sextile aspect to Quaoar at this time it may be time to leave the past behind and drum up new patterns within our relationships. A particularly shaky and explosive Pisces Full Moon last month did much to rattle the cages of our perceptions of reality. Emotionally this was a highly charged energy, and now as Venus trines Uranus (which was conjunct the Full Moon) we may be due for a wildly sweet surprise, that makes it all worthwhile.

Venus in Scorpio is daring us to dig deep and surrender to the forces of love, creativity and the heart. Uranus is retrograde in Pisces is opening and pushing boundaries showing us indeed when it comes to love or our imagination, there are none. Only in a complete dissolution of ego and complete surrender to the unknown can we experience the divine transformation and inspiration we seek.

With both planets our in water signs, this may come as a rush of feeling. Uranus is unpredictable and unconventional and but a sweet trine to Venus suggests where are hearts are open and willing to take a chance — there is a magical river of healing and plenty waiting to flow through and drench us in its grace.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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