Sun trines Chiron in Aquarius

Hello everyone,

Its been an intense Mercury retrograde period personally with a lot of release and deep understanding. Yesterday’s Venus-Chiron square had me dealing with shadows I thought I had long left behind. But somewhere in this space of darkness is where healing begins I have heard. Scorpio is indeed the sign of the phoenix rising from the ashes and where we are being honest with ourselves no matter how difficult we can rebirth.

Today the Sun forms a hugely healing aspect as it trines Chiron in Aquarius, which may simply come as a feeling of being understood and validated for our role in society. On a personal level, this is opening the flow of communication that can truly help us to reach for our highest awareness of the roles we play in our relationships. Pallas in Gemini now forms a grand trine to these planets, suggesting it may be easier now to find the right words even though Mercury is backward.

Mercury may rule the mind, but Pallas is the goddess and bearer of a higher wisdom. One that cuts through intellect and defensiveness when aware to reach for pure justice and truth. Chiron suggests we may need to take responsibility for our own pain and allow ourselves to heal. If you know there is something you need to say to mend fences, sincerity maybe all thats needed. With Mercury retrograde, its a good time to take a look at the tricks our mind plays on us and how our false perceptions and beliefs damage our relationships. But perhaps the biggest challenge here, is learning to forgive ourselves.

After a particularly humbling experience over the last couple of days my long time client and friend Nadine, said this to me and I offer it to you:  “Forgive yourself first. Then let go of the fear of not being forgiven by someone else and don’t devalue yourself. You acted from what you believed was the truth in the moment, and that’s all anyone can do.”

— Priya Kale, NYC

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