Venus in Scorpio squares Chiron in Aquarius and sextiles Saturn in Virgo

Overnight Venus sextiles Saturn and squared Chiron early this morning soon after the Moon reached it’s First Quarter, this after yesterday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction squaring Jupiter.

We may now be coming to some rather deeply, painful inner revelations of our own destructive emotions. Venus now in Scorpio is taking us through a tour of these darker alleys of the heart. Some of what we are being confronted with may not be a pretty sight but in acknowledging the presence of something we can actually free ourselves of it. We are likely getting a close look at how jealousy, secrecy, lies, possessiveness, needing to control someone or something can end up destroying what we so dearly love. But all of these emotions only stem from our own deep insecurity and wanting to protect ourself.

Chiron in Aquarius is an awakening to the truth and now as Venus squares Chiron we are getting an inward look at our role in some of the less desirable situations we find ourselves in and a chance to take responsibility for it. Its also a time to look closely at how the projections of society and expectations of the people in our life have a bearing on us concealing our true desires and feelings. The aspect seems to be a sobering and humbling one, but release and soul evolution is its gift.

Venus is also now in a kite formation with grand trine between Saturn, Jupiter and Vesta in Virgo, Capricorn and Vesta in Taurus. When there is a grand trine in the sky, they open up a flow of energy — in earth signs this is suggestive of the essentially stable, grounded influence we stand in right now for all that seems so unsettled. But this is the danger with a grand trine where we can tend to get caught up in a ‘whirlpool’ effect and in earth signs its possible that we feel so rooted to the ground, unable to make a move.

When a planet forms a ‘kite’ to this aspect it forms an opposition or 180 degree aspect to one of the planets and sextiles (60 degree aspect) the other two planets, providing a release point for this stuck energy allowing us to channel it to its maximum potential. Venus in Scorpio is now in opposition to Vesta, on the weekend she sextiled Jupiter and today she sextiled Saturn.

Again it comes back to Venus and our hearts and this is calling for a deep surrender to passion. It may mean a purging and taking a long hard look at everything that is so less than desirable at the moment. But only in confronting reality can we transcend it and learn that we are all butterflies waiting to break out of our cocoons. We are building something solid, lasting and of value but for that we need to be honest about where our true values lie – financially, emotionally and creatively. What is it that drives you forward and what are you willing to do to get it? In Scorpio, it would be wise to look at our motives. Recognize that if you want to reach for something solid and reliable, you have to give up darkness in favor of light.

Last week, I remember I made a reference to the butterfly-cocoon analogy with a quote that has been my favorite quote since I first read it at the age of 12 or 13 yrs old. A week later I received a bright yellow book in the mail “Hope for the Flowers” in my mail box from Rosanna a reader in Los Angeles that I read on my subway ride to work yesterday. Its the simplest but purest truth I have learned and reading those pages was like reading the story of my life. So big thanks to Rosanna for that, but more importantly the book was only an affirmation of what I know we are all meant to become.

Tomorrow the Sun will trine Chiron in Aquarius, forming a grand air trine with Pallas in Gemini. We are getting a chance to open up communication and understanding within our relationships in a way that can bring profound healing. I cannot state this enough, so please make use of the astrology to take what you are learning and confront it bravely; release the negativity, let go, surrender and make room for healing. If there is someone you need to apologize to, do it now — sincerely. Much can be healed as long as we are willing to keep awareness and take responsibility for our choices, actions and words.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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Tuesday 07 October 2008

05:42:05 UT – Venus (15 sc 59’19”) sextile Saturn (15 vi 59’19”)
09:04:13 UT – First Quarter Moon – Sun (14 li 28’14”) square Moon (14 cp 28’14”)
10:02:22 UT – Venus (16 sc 12’31”) square Chiron (16 aq 12’31” Rx)
15:36:08 UT – Sun (14 li 44’21”) sextile Crantor (14 sa 44’21”)
20:06:25 UT – Mercury (12 li 51’11” Rx) sextile Ixion (12 sa 51’11”)
21:54:23 UT – Makemake (24 vi 45’52”) trine Thereus (24 ta 45’52” Rx)
23:53:10 UT – Psyche (0 sa 31’30”) square Orcus (0 vi 31’30”)

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