Sun-Mercury conjunction squares Jupiter

Welcome to the week everyone! This one looks decidedly easier than the ones we’ve been through in the recent past. We are still in the midst of cleaning up the aftermath so things may seem a little chaotic still, but trust the process. There are powerful aspects taking place today, the Sun conjuncts a retrograde Mercury and both planets square Jupiter in Capricorn.

We may come to an inner understanding now of a situation that has seemed to go anything but forward. In Libra, this is likely a recognition of the effect of our interaction within our relationships. Do what you can to address an imbalance even if it means taking a close look at your “reactionary” behavior.

As both planets squares Jupiter there is a feeling of inner expansiveness, but this is about finding a balance. In the wrong frame of mind this could cause an exaggeration of thought and we need to beware of not allowing negative thoughts to escalate out of proportion. There may now be a deep urge to break free of a looming sense of responsibility but go easy as you make your decisions today.

Jupiter is opening up tangible horizons of possibility, daring us to reach out for our most grandiose dreams. Which is fine as long as we don’t end biting more than we can chew. There is potential now to turn a corner and see a way forward as long as we are willing to co-operate and form equal partnerships based on fairness, equality and honesty.

Luckily the Capricorn Moon is helping us keep our feet on the ground, asking us to focus on the tasks at hand. Success is a relative term. Ask yourself what it means to you and who defined it for you? There is much the future has to offer, but it is only a shadow of today — just as yesterday was.

Remember we are also now still in the midst of Mercury’s retrograde and it will square Jupiter one more time after it moves direct. Take your time with the process but the more time we can spend in understanding something now, the greater the chances that we will respond with wisdom.

Have a great day everyone — I didn’t finish the October horoscopes yesterday as I had planned, but will have them up in a day or so.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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