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Dear Friends and Readers,

Welcome to a new week! This week’s Audio Forecast for signs Aries – Capricorn are now ready for download. Aquarius and Pisces will be up by 11 AM EST.

If you have a subscription to the service, you may login and access the files here. Or you can access them in the future by clicking the links on the left of the blog.

Click here for a week’s free trial to the service, or you can make a one time purchase for all 12 signs for only $2.49. (The free trial offer is limited to one per subscriber.) The forecasts are updated on Monday between 12PM – 5PM EST.

Meanwhile, here’s a peak into my mailbag with some of the feedback I have received to the Audio Forecasts

Back soon! p
Dear Priya,
I would just like to say how wonderful your audio forecasts are. You have such a nice voice and I truly enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for doing that! … I can never tell if I should go by my natal chart house or my sun sign house that so many horoscopes talk about. Thanks again for that wonderful audio horoscope.
Toni C.
Hi Priya,
…Was glad to hear your voice and your words again. Actually it’s Ms Scorpio; I just convinced my husband to pay for the subscription because he has the card.:) I told him of how reading you has helped me not predict my days, but understand myself, which very often comes to me as a difficult process. I wish to write you and consult you further in the future. He [my husband] has seen how I used my reading of your web site and that of Planet Waves not to rule my life but as source of guidance and reminder of a bigger universe apart from my own. Would you believe that I live halfway across the globe, here in Asia?
Ms Scorpio
Priya came to my attention through her daily blog for Planet Waves. Her astrology writing was clear and concise and showed an understanding which made her very approachable. My increasing interest in astrologhy promted me to try an astrological consultation so I contacted Priya because I liked her writing. A year later, I am a regular customer to her blog and her latest Audio Forecasts! I find her insight and knowledge of astrology extremely beneficial. On a personal level she is a warm person with a huge amount of emphaty, tied in with natural counselling skills. For anyone intersted in astrology, who wants to learn a little more and take that first step to understand their chart and the influences contained within it I can fully recommend her consultancy.
Jean, Dublin
Dear Priya,
…Thanks heaps – I love your style by the way. You’re the first astrologer that I’ve felt connected enough to to actually subscribe. & I’m in Australia, so thanks heaps for putting the Australian times on your blog.
Thanks again & warm regards, Emily
Dear Priya
… I love to start out my mornings listening to your voice.? My dogs both run to the chair to sit with me when they hear you start talking and they aren’t even Sagittarius, they just know the morning routine they go outside, I get coffee, then Priya, lol.
Thanks, Lori
Hey Priya,
Congratulations on your audio forecast page on your website…it looks great. I listened to Aries, of course, and as usual you are right on. I am very happy for you. Hopefully this will aid you in your ability to earn a comfortable and prosperous living doing what you truly love. I’ll let all my friends know too!
With love,
Hello again dearest Priya –
Just wanted to thank you for your remarkable audio horoscope (I’m Cancer). Wasn’t able to listen to it in great conditions because I don’t have a computer at home, and my computer at work doesn’t have audio – so I had to struggle to hear your voice in an internet cafè! But it was well worth it. You were extraordinary as always – and it was lovely to hear your voice.
Have a great day.
Liz xx
Hi Priya,
I just listened to the audio forecast and I’m so glad you are doing this. It’s very cool and very fun! And it is so nice to hear your voice. (It’s lovely) I am looking forward to subscribing.
Hello again Priya,
Thank you for the link to your Sag audio ….it worked perfectly.! And was most informative – well done..
Your very charming and exotic accent is a natural bonus, and makes the weekly forecast more engaging and mysterious.
Also the explanation of the current aspects is clear, insightful and the oral elucidations have a good deal of power…
– Josephine
Dear Priya,
This week was a really good job with the audio horoscopes! I appreciate the both positive and candid opportunities that this week’s aspects present.

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