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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the weekend. We are still under the energy of a very powerful Aries Full Moon. With the Sun in Libra, relationships are definitely in the spotlight, and the Full Moon has dredged up a lot of emotion and deep-rooted fear. Deal with this as consciously as possible.

We are correcting huge imbalances in our world and in our relationships. It may all seem very precarious, but this will help us move forward with greater understanding of our interdependence with others. With self-awareness we can become more aware of what needs to change within so that we can support our own weight within our relationships, which indeed are a fine balance.

When everyone’s needs are met equally, there is peace and harmony; if not, there is discord. Yes, there are important choices to be made, but Mercury is still in shadow until Sept. 27, 2010, and there is more unraveling, so don’t be too quick to jump the gun.

As long as we learn from the past, there is no reason to fear the future. In truth, all there is is now.  Over the coming week we can finally stabilize and move forward with a situation that has been in limbo since last November, and we can do this in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation.

The Moon moves into Taurus on Saturday at 4:16 PM and will remain in the sign through the weekend. This is due to bring much-needed relief after all the fiery energy. This should help us to ground fearful emotions and to focus on what or who we value and on what is REAL. (There’s plenty of paranoia to go around.)

Mars and Venus are definitely igniting deep — perhaps dark — emotions as well. But only through allowing ourselves to feel everything can we turn anger and pain into love. The strongest relationships are those that can evolve through the worst and over to the other side. With Mercury on the ascendant of the Full Moon chart (look above) — communication over next two weeks is key.

Find comfort in those relationships and people that value you. This is sensual, richly fertile energy that could be a real turning point in understanding who is important to us. The Taurus Moon is a reminder: patience and loyalty are both virtues, and anything worth having is worth working for.

Also, late Saturday in the US (Sunday in UK and Australia) the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. We are reaching an important turning point within relationships. But this will come through an internal change first rather than through trying to control someone or something. I’ve explained the aspects and the energy of this very significant Full Moon in this week’s Moon report. Please read below for an excerpt.

I wish you a comforting weekend…

With Love,



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Aries Full Moon report

An Excerpt ==

“Libra represents the fine balance in our relationships. But before we can merge with another on an equal level, this Full Moon asks for an awareness of “self.” Who are you? What do you want? What do you desire? Trusting another with one’s innermost needs comes with the danger of being weak or vulnerable. Unless we are honest with ourselves and with another, there can be no hope of having those needs met.

“Couples who’ve been together for 50 years will surely tell you that aside from passion, it’s handling life’s ups and downs without letting it sully the love. If someone cannot accept you at your worst, they surely will never appreciate your best (everyone “deserves” our best.) Communication will be key; Libra suggests honesty is the best policy. With the Moon in Aries, be childlike and curious rather than demanding or emotionally reactive.

“Indeed, Pluto holds the key to this Full Moon at the apex of the T-square, showing what we can change to restore balance. As the Sun squares Pluto on Sep. 26, 2010, this is due to bring an important turning point. This is an internal change and breakdown of old conditioning handed down by parents, authority figures and society.

“Whose rules do you want to live by? Who dictates the rules of your personal life or even your business and financial decisions? What are your definitions for success or failure? Where did these come from? What motivates you in your choices? Is it fear or faith?

“With Pluto, make these choices consciously, as you are today, in awareness of the people who depend on you and whom you depend on. Don’t underestimate the power of evolution, especially with Aries Point activity. As one person evolves, every life he or she touches is changed as a result. With Pluto in close conjunction to the North Node, this has to do with a greater collective global, cultural and social transformation in effect. [Watch the gay rights and marriage issue to come up in the news.]

“We cannot continue unhealthy codependency anymore within relationships. But we can certainly break those patterns consciously, setting in place new rules and boundaries through communication so that there is a mutual sense of respect. What are the historic patterns you are willing to break free of, allowing you to coexist with the people in your life on a more peaceful level? We are co-creating our reality now with the people in our lives. As long as we focus on only our selfish desires, we will be left wanting.”

— Priya Kale, Aries Full Moon, Sep. 23, 2010

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