Aries New Moon and the fire of truth…

Happy New Moon! The New Moon report has now been posted to the site for subscriber download. Here is an excerpt —

“This can be highly creative energy, leading to a lucrative project or financial venture. It may mean that you work hard towards something, but basically we could be standing on a gold mine. Within relationships this could be a release of primal sexual energy if channeled and expressed consciously.  It may feel like one has to shout to be heard over an authority figure but ask yourself then who or what has authority over you. Pluto in Capricorn is suggesting we be willing to question the rule book for a more honest way of being, true to oneself and not as suggested by the powers that be. There is a fiery truth making itself known which needs to be acknowledged, if we want to bring fresh hope to a situation.

“Dionysus was the God of wine and ecstasy; in Cancer it may be representing the nurturing aspect of alcohol or other addictive substances that make it so hard to let go of them. With Dionysus and Pluto in opposition these are calling for a surrender of darker instincts. Addiction although a very physical and real disease always stems from a sense of a void inside – be it emotional or psychological. Whether we eat our way through our feelings or drink our way through them, the effect is the same — a crumbling inside. Watch for people or influences that seek to gain power through another’s helplessness, with the lure of nurturing that can seem intoxicating but ultimately only fosters unhealthy co-dependency. Pluto’s presence is a warning to not give away power to those who seek to misuse it by gaining emotional control.” — Priya Kale, Aries New Moon an excerpt. Click here to download full report.

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