Fire of truth… Sun conjuncts Venus, Mercury conjuncts Venus, Moon in Taurus

It’s been a heck of an intense New Moon with inner power struggles coming to the surface. Hopefully we’ve been able to own our own stuff and avoid getting caught up in the external projection of the energy.

I have to admit its been a pretty intense experience with this energy personally as well. I’ve had to use all my strength to avoid repeating lessons of the past. But today (as I write this) Venus retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Aries, suggesting this is learning to love oneself first above all. For only when we are able to fully appreciate and love ourselves can we begin to attract the love we deserve in our life. Until then we will continue to get involved in situations that leave us powerless instead of empowered.

AS the Moon moves through Taurus over the weekend, use the time to ground and center your emotions that have undoubtedly been heated. This is a situation that likely has risen the levels of passion high enough, to trigger our most primal emotions. It may have been impossible to think objectively or rationally, but now the Taurus Moon can help earth this energy. Trust your instincts above all this is reminding of you what is loyal, solid and what or who you value in your life. Remember the only thing you can control is yourself, the rest we just have to learn to allow the chips to fall where they may. What is real will never leave, especially love.

On Sunday Mercury conjuncts Venus, easing communication especially if the past few days have been rough. We may finally find a place for the head and heart to meet on a difficult situation we may have been grappling with, either financially, emotionally or on a deeper intimate, sexual level. If we can make the effort now to listen with and speak from the heart, we could stand to gain a deeper understanding and connection. We have to be open to receiving if we want to receive.

It also means having to be bold enough to know and speak your truth even if it may not be accepted. What matters is that is true for you, because you have to live with the fire of your truth.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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