Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries, Moon enters Gemini

Welcome to the week! Hopefully you found your center and the ground beneath your feet with the Taurus Moon over the weekend. It was an intense New Moon with planets closely squaring Pluto, causing us to investigate our fears and rise to the challenge of finding the voice of the self.

Now as the Moon slips into Gemini early this morning in the US and the Sun-Mercury conjunction exacts at 9+ Aries later tonight, expect the next couple of days to be buzzing with activity. Communication is definitely the focus now and there may be things that need to be said to clear the air after the energy of the fiery New Moon. Also use the stability of the last couple of days to remind you where your values lie, what is important to you and what is the unchanging truth.

With the Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries there may be a bold idea taking form, or simply bringing you to a greater awareness and understanding of the “self.” This is fiery consciousness blazing and the more we can be self-aware, the greater our chances of speaking the truth fearlessly and going for what we want.

Fearlessness can only come from non-attachment though. It is when we are too invested in the outcome, that we fear our choices. In Aries this is the child that does not know failure, or disappointment so can be curious and fearless in going after something it wants passionately. Aries also rules the head, so make sure you keep your cool even if you’re firing on all cylinders.

Crystallize a vision and then use your brain power to fuel it success. This is more than just something shining a spotlight on the mind or mental energy, this is about learning to shape the dynamic life force into a creative conscious way, birthing an idea to life.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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