Cancer Moon squares Venus, Mercury trines Great Attractor

At 11:30 AM EST (Wednesday) the Moon moves into Cancer and will reach it’s First Quarter phase bringing us to a turning point of what began around the time of the recent New Moon. Soon after her ingress in the sign today she will square Venus in Aries, asking us to resolve any insecurities or knee jerk emotional reactions regarding finances, creativity or love that prevent us from receiving the kind of emotional and tangible support we are looking for.

Venus in Aries retrograde is very aware of the fact that be it love needs to come from ones self first before we seek it elsewhere or from someone else. There seems to be a search for independence this is Venus in the unusual position of seeking ‘action’ to get what she wants rather than ‘attraction.’ But the Moon in Cancer could be tugging on those heart (or purse) strings needing more security and comfort; but when threatened this energy may cause one to react like a crab and retreat into ones shell..

Watch any tendency towards being needy, emotionally  reactive and wanting to just withdraw into oneself, with hurt feelings that may cause one to believe no one really cares. Instead of letting this become a struggle for asserting false independence by hiding behind our insecurities, acknowledge your need for more warmth and be open to receiving the love that is available to you in your life.

Also today, Mercury in Aries trines the Great Attractor (a massive black hole) suggesting there could be a way now to address a tricky subject directly without causing too much polarization. Also this should be a favorable aspect for any conversation or negotiations, but it could have us blazing ahead with our brand of truth. But remember the truth is never “either/or” it is generally “both/and.” If we can be aware of this there could be a possibly brilliant solution to emerge from an understanding of the bigger picture.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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