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April 2009 Monthly Horoscopes

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You’ve been immersed in a soulful experience awakening desires within you that may have always been there but you for whatever reason have denied yourself from acknowledging. There comes a moment of truth now, which is likely to be a huge turning point for you and your personal success. The key here would be to ask yourself who or what is it that has power over you? Be very clear now about your ambitions and the kind of love, money and recognition you want to attract in your life. Reach for one fiery truth inside you that blows through all your previous definitions of success you could be on to something that sets on a path uniquely your own. The point here is that you define your life and not let someone else or a fear of loss rule the choices you make. Your career, financial, creative or personal success depend on your own confidence and no matter what you think or fear, the struggle is an internal one. Know thyself; and then speak.

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As much as it may have felt like feeling your way through the fire – something is shining a light in your subconscious awakening a deep hot core truth. You are discovering yourself in the light of your fears and stand at crucial turning point that allows you to break free of them. Surrender your darker beliefs that prevent you from acknowledging your own divinity and deep instincts; the success you dream of is deeply rooted in your spiritual beliefs or what you have been taught to believe is possible. Figure out your own sense of powerlessness in a situation that causes you to react or project into your life that which you most fear. And which prevents you from reaching for the kind of success your soul dreams of. Have faith above all in your mission, which is rippling out in waves into the world, drawing you ever closer to your destiny. You are closer to a moment of truth if you can dare to speak out loud what you know as truth deep in the heart of your soul.

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Current aspects are calling you to a deep surrender marking a major turning point in your life. You’ve been deeply invested in a situation and it may feel like something inside you is dying. But really you are turning a corner that allows you more freedom and independence. In being forced to let go you are discovering just how much a financial situation or deeply personal relationship had its hold over you. No matter what you feel you are losing, in letting go of the past you are opening yourself to receive the unconditional love and warmth making its way to you. You have more support than you would imagine from your friends and you can reconnect now with someone from your past that can help you see beyond the horizon. You need not feel guilty for starting over and the strength you gain from the surrender is invaluable by anyone standards.

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Hopefully you’ve been carefully reconsidering your definition of success and what you want to be known for in this world. You are reaching a turning point within a relationship that has the potential to show you just how much power you do hold within a situation. It is more than you imagine, only remember you don’t really need to shout to get your point across. If it feels like someone else has more control over this situation ask yourself what you’ve been doing to give away your power in a situation that is all but forcing you to come into your own. Financially as well this could be your ticket to rearranging a situation so it aligns with your core values. Get these issues cleared out within first and then remember the greater purpose driving you forward. There are people in your life you share deep ties with and at least one relationship that fuels your fire and supports you in what you do. If you can have faith in this, then conquering the world will seem like a breeze more than walking across hot coals.

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You are at a turning point that has the power to grant you the freedom, independence and greater success you’ve been craving. But first you may have to surrender your perceptions for a higher truth awakening. You are not who you used to be and if anything the last few weeks have taken you to the brink of a deeper emotional surrender than you may have felt you were capable of. But now that you’ve tasted freedom you are about to realize just how much an aspiration or a relationship means to you. Financially and sexually a situation is bubbling with potential if only you can be bold enough to reach for it. Regardless something warms you this month in a divine sort of way, where if you are open to receiving you could find yourself rekindling a spark within relationship that almost seems destined. Work towards discovering your highest ideals on a daily basis — you are on your way to realizing the true power of your highest self; and its ability to manifest into your tangible reality the sexual or financial liberation you crave.

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You’ve been contemplating a deeply personal situation related to your sexual or financial reality and the way it ties in with the people in your life. I suggest you be willing to go with the flow with this process. No doubt you are reaching a turning point that feels like a deep risk or surrender. I suggest you not allow fear to make your choices for you. You are rediscovering your burning passion, sexuality and creativity in a way that you can’t deny anymore. As long as you are communicating with those you share deeper connections with, this can be a rather successful dialogue that helps you to recognize the emotional and tangible support a partner is willing to offer you. A relationship is evolving and it may be a little longer until you figure out just what you want. But for now if you can focus on something that makes your heart skip a beat you can find a way to overcome your fears long enough to start creating it as a physical reality.

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Things may have seemed rather backward lately and you are turning a corner now, as you begin to see something or someone in a new light. A situation around your home or an aspect of your security has played a large part in this unfolding drama. I suggest now you be willing to dig deep and ask yourself just what it is that you want out of this situation or relationship. It may be one that has ties to the past and if not then it may be that you are being asked to let go of the things of the past if you want something new to enter your world. Be honest with yourself first regarding your needs and know that you are soon reaching a meeting point when you can discuss this with a potential partner. If it feels like friction ask yourself how your own self-absorbed tendencies might have something to do with it. You have more power over a situation than you think and there’s a truth that’s burning a hole in your heart. Resolve any feelings of helplessness first and then be willing to talk about what you need from a partner on a daily basis to feel like you are moving in the same direction. But the meeting point is coming.

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You have to take risks now despite your fears, which is leading to an inevitable turning point within a relationship. A partner may seem a self-absorbed and backtracking but I suggest you be very patient now. A partner right now is a deeply introspective phase of questioning their soul existence like few other times in their life. If you can avoid mind or word games and encourage another to do the same, you can start relating now in a way that is balanced and from the heart. It may feel like you are taking huge sexual, romantic or creative risk in a situation, but be willing to have a dialogue about both your wants and needs. If you can look for the middle ground you will likely find it and its sooner than you think. I suggest you enter this connection with a childlike curiosity, of wanting to discover and experience passion rather than be able to define it. This is what will give both of you the stability and sense of solid companionship, mixed with fertile, creative perhaps sexual passion you crave.

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You seem ready to take a huge risk within a romantic, business or creative relationship which is bringing you the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. This need not be a power struggle, nor is it about controlling every aspect of what is beginning to unfold. But instead allow your vision to fuel your passion into birthing something that comes from your core. An important conversation and the future depend now on your ability to surrender your superficial values about money and love, for the deeper rooted ones. Dig deep to find your self-esteem, for this will allow you to attract in your life the kind of success you deserve and are an embodiment of. Have faith in your ability to communicate and altruistic motives and encourage partners to find theirs. There is a common truth evolving among the many opinions you found yourself surrounded by. Have faith in your self above all to be the guiding force that is a voice for a larger collective destiny.

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Now arrives a moment of truth leading you to a crucial turning point within a domestic situation, or an aspect of your emotional and financial security. Perhaps you’ve been reminiscing about the good old days and how carefree life used to be. But now ask yourself, what stops you from experiencing the same kind of inner joy and warmth that you know you need and want. How much does your need to want to control every aspect of your life then become the very thing that stops you from enjoying everything you’ve worked hard to build. Just allow yourself to release and change the things within you, that aren’t contributing to building a situation. Be honest with yourself and another about your needs and be willing to listen. A close partner or family member is wants to offer you more security and there is more warmth, happiness and real understanding available to you now if are able to let go of the past.

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There’s a growing dream within you that you can’t deny anymore. As nervous as it makes you feel to dream for fear of disappointment, you are oozing with creativity, passion and a certain kind of electric je ne sais quoi that you would do well to recognize in your self. For now, continue to dive deeper into yourself and continue to push past your own boundaries as you recognize your own depths and reclaim your infinite source of self-esteem. I suggest you don’t start questioning what it is that gives you the magic touch. But just get over your (very real to you) fears and be honest about what you want more of in your life. There is something very attractive about you and you have the magnetic ability to draw into your life the kind of flowing sensuality, creative passion and financial solvency you need to make your dreams come true. All that is being asked is that you continue to dare to dream the eternal dream.

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Something has you heated up with a kind of fiery passion that you may not have felt in a while. All the while your deeper awareness is growing leaps and bounds, crystallizing for you a divine vision for a greater collective, which you are a part of. You are the keeper of this dream and this may be a painful cross to bear at times. But you are also recognizing now just why you seem to be the one chosen to live the life you do. Yours is no ordinary existence and you seem to walking a thin line between this world and the next, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy the tangible and emotional pleasures that this world has to offer. As you discover that smoldering flame inside of you, ask your self what it is that you truly want out of your life, your love, your art, your relationships and your finances. Your ability to manifest your highest ideals depends squarely on you recognizing the dynamic life force within you. Value yourself and you will find that anything or anyone that has seemed to have more control over you, is in fact listening and on your side.

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