Weekend Astrology : Venus squares Pluto, Mars opposes Saturn, Leo Moon

Venus squares Pluto today just as Pluto stands stationary in the sky and turns retrograde tomorrow. This is likely to bring love, sex and money dramas to the forefront. I’ve had more than one email from readers and friends telling me relationships all around them seem to be ending. No doubt the Venus-Pluto square has something to with it and it may feel like being burnt at the stake for desires we have no business having.

No matter how hot or intense a situation feels step back to see where engaging in a power struggle is ultimately destructive to that which you are trying to resurrect. Squares need to be resolved internally and not projected out. Take ownership of any feelings of victimization or wanting to manipulate a situation. Recognize the need to let go of an old drama or power struggle if you want to discover the fiery truth within.

Venus is retrograde and this story is not over yet, she will square Pluto once again when she turns direct sometime early May. Pluto turns retrograde today after the square suggesting the need for change of a core belief. As I like to say relationships don’t end, they transform and evolve. Individual growth is always the measure of a worthy relationship and people either grow together or grow apart after they’ve learnt all they can from each other. Remember the power of love can move mountains with its faith. This is about finding one’s own inner strength and recognizing a core sacred flame that needs to be respected.

Creatively and financially as well any adjustments that need to be made are ultimately going to prove invaluable in what we are trying to create and build. Capricorn is the sign of business and government and Venus represents finances and creativity. This is about finding ones individual essence to create something solid and successful by one’s own standards, representative ones individual talent.

Also tomorrow Mars in Pisces opposes Saturn and we are moving past barriers. It may feel like you have to use all your strength to get through whatever is posing to be a daunting challenge. But in Mars in Pisces suggests this is about using imagination and your creative muscle. Be fluid in all situations and willing to explore the infinite options that essentially are available if you are able to be flexible. Avoid allowing nervous energy to drain you and pour it instead into something constructive that you can selflessly dedicate yourself too.

The recent Aries New Moon began this journey of finding one’s own identity and now as we head towards the Full Moon in Libra we are learning the importance of balance and harmony within our relationships. Yes, there has been a hunt for one’s identity and self-sufficiency but what’s the good of all that if we can’t share it with the people we love.

The Moon moves into Leo later today and stays in the sign through most of the weekend, until she moves into Virgo late Sunday in the US just in time for the work week. Tempers and emotions are likely to be flying high with all the recent activity in the sky. But as the Moon passes through Leo she will oppose the planets currently in Aquarius (Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter, Juno and the North Node.) This is strongly suggesting the need to dissolve ones ego if we want to relate from the heart. Look for those relationships that are drawing you towards a greater spiritual awareness.

Expect the weekend to be dramatic but do all you can to avoid the drama. Here is my advice to myself this weekend which I’d like to share with you “When faced with dark clouds, cross the street to the sunny side of heaven.”

— Priya Kale, NYC

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