Moon in Virgo, Mercury sextiles Chiron

It’s been quite a weekend and a couple of intense weeks for that matter. Personally with the planets packed in Aries my solar 12th house, it feels like I’m fired up inside but its been impossible to put anything into coherent sentences or words. Not to mention the jet lag has taken a lot longer to come down off of and with Neptune on my IC the strange sleep patterns continue strange sleep patterns continue.

But back to the astrology — Last evening in the US the Moon ingressed Virgo getting us in work mode for Monday. So the next couple of days will be best utilized keeping our nose to the grindstone. There is a Full Moon coming up which always heightens the tension in the air and in Virgo this could lead to a lot of worry and anxiety which we would do well to avoid. Get organized, clean out and purge for the new to come in.

Today Mercury in Aries sextiles Chiron, this may bring us a greater understanding perhaps of how we fit into the bigger picture. Begin with self-acceptance and recognize the collective sense of woundedness we carry as inhabitants of this ‘modern’ world. An important conversation or moment may require you to be honest about your needs for acceptance, but in recognizing that we are more alike than different there can be a real healing. Although the Aries Sun has set us on a quest of self-sufficiency — this Full Moon in Libra is bringing to light the need for more balance and harmony within relationships and emotional needs we would do well not to deny.

I’ll be back with the Weekly Horoscopes a little later today. For now, just do what you have to do without complaining too much. Busy hands can soothe a worried mind.

Bye for now…

Priya Kale, NYC

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