Mercury sextiles Neptune and trines Galactic Core, Mars trines Varuna

There are a few aspects in the sky today but most of them suggest it should be an easier day than most. Mercury sextiles Neptune as I write this, so being “nice” shouldn’t be too hard. Also later tonight in New York, overnight in the UK and early Wednesday in Australia Mercury will trine the Galactic Core, suggesting there is a higher wisdom on hand if can stop to listen. And surely we can afford to. An idea, understanding or deep insight could make itself available now.

Also today Mars in Pisces trines Varuna during the day. Varuna was a pre-historic deity that dealt with the punishment of liars and of broken oaths. With Mars in Pisces trining this planet it may be easier now to act in accordance with a Universal law, in kindness and compassion. Pay attention to the promises you are making there is something deeply sacred about this. We could be moved by the call for soulful action towards a higher calling.

On Thursday at around 10 AM here in the US the Moon will be Full in Libra, putting relationships in the spotlight. Things always get a little intense around the time of the Full Moon and as we all know the wheel never stops turning. At the time of this Full Moon thought the Sun and Moon will be making positive aspects to Jupiter in Aquarius suggesting there is a healthy amount of good fortune and buoyancy to carry us through whatever surfaces.

— Priya Kale, NYC

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