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The lead into yesterdays New Moon with the dark of the Moon in Scorpio asked for deep transformation. Even as the New Moon energy dawns, surrender any attachment to the darkness. It can be bright outside, but you have to open the window to let light in.

I wasn’t really planning on writing a blog tonight, but perhaps its the energy and I felt inspired to share my thoughts. Writing can be a challenge at times, trying to find the right balance between being authentic (Taurus Sun) and the natural tendency keep out [irrelevant] personal details (Scorpio Rising.) I am learning they are not separate. Finding this balance is my personal journey and life’s work; and this blog is merely an extension of it, albeit a major part.

I never aspired to be a writer or even an astrologer for that matter. [Although astrology and the occult have fascinated me, since as long as I can remember.] I started “writing” astrology and practicing astrology professionally at the time of my Saturn Return. I came full circle then; and I would often joke it felt a like coming out of the closet.

There are many approaches to astrology and indeed many uses. The ‘practical’ benefits of astrology alone can leave one stunned at its accuracy. Being a Taurus, if something was not of practical use I probably would never have delved as deep. But the deeper I enter this magical mystical reality, I know that ultimate journey of an individual has to be the inner one.

It’s nearly two years now, since I started this website. Over time, with each client and email exchanged I have evolved to a deeper respect and understanding of the way Astrology works. Not least of which has to do with a palpable spiritual experience nearly exactly a year ago. Since then, it has felt like being reborn and relearning to live in this world with a new consciousness. No doubt Astrology’s greatest gift to me has been spiritual in nature, which is what I try to share with my work.

No astrologer can guide anyone else nor be responsible for anyone’s choices. At best an astrologer or psychics role is to be a channel for a higher wisdom. Not through the lens of duality, but as a voice of the ‘higher self.’ It is easy to predict doom and disaster scenarios because let’s face it — shit happens. And given the time we live in, it’s always bigger than the last time. But this is a part of the journey of life. If we can work on our inner growth, we will ultimately reach a place of responding to the so called ‘external’ from a divine center.

We do live in a cosmic ocean of energy visible and invisible. One’s individual strength of spirit ultimately ripples out creating and affecting the world around them. Over the course of my work, I also speak with many clients with religious upbringings where Astrology is considered “the work of the devil.” But it doesn’t really matter what ones spiritual “beliefs” are. Astrology works quite literally like clockwork. Whether we “think” it or not whether you follow it [astrology] or not the planets don’t stop moving and neither does our spirit ever stop evolving. All that matters is that we find our truth, and not let anyone else define it for us.

Even when we think one is “descending” in consciousness — the beauty of this divine cosmos is that after life and death are but two sides of a coin. Astrologically this is what we call Scorpio energy; the sign that can take one to the depths of darkness. It will take us to the light the moment we are ready to surrender whether willingly or by force. But eventually like the phoenix, there is always new life that emerges from the embers. It is the nature of things. We cannot always control the external, but we can see the wisdom of surrender. This is the message of the Sagittarius New Moon that comes after Scorpio.

By the time Uranus enters Aries next year at the end of May, there will be major unexpected headlines in the news connecting the personal and the political. But I would rather risk being “wrong” and not focus my energy on doomsday scenario’s. To me the greater gift of this transit is going to be a tremendous awakening and call to action on an individual level which will ultimately ripple out into the collective. There is enough pain and suffering in this world. As long as one is committed to their own truth, there is nothing to fear. It can only bring change.

I will presume if you are reading these words, you connect with something here. As much as each and everyone of us are different (as an Astrology chart will show you) there is a common essence that connects — larger than you and I. This is more than just a website — it is a lifeline. Yes, because it provides me my bread and butter (just about) but more so because through these pages I know there is a deeper energy exchange taking place. There are days when I am too paralyzed to write [for I am certainly not above the astrology] and there are days when the energy flows.

But through it all, I am aware of the many ways my spirit is healed just knowing as long as the Sun rises there is work to be done and a life to be lived. I can only pray that through these pages as time passes I can share what Astrology teaches me everyday. With that I encourage you to post to the site and share your experiences as you feel inspired to. We all carry a piece of the puzzle, while holding all the answers within. Your experience could be the one that sheds a light on another’s shadow.

With that I thank you for being on this journey… and once again Happy New Moon…

With love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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