Mars stations Retrograde in Leo

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Hello from a snowy NYC,

It’s Saturday afternoon as I write this. There’s a winter storm coming in and Manhattan is supposed to get at least a foot of snow today. Maybe later in the day I will head out and take some pictures for the blog. For now, I’m staying in my apartment.

We have an intense sky at the moment. Today Dec. 19, 2009 the Moon moves in Aquarius and will over the next two days oppose Mars and pass through the triple conjunction in Aquarius.  With Mars stationing retrograde in Leo tomorrow Dec. 19, 2009 This is the story of the moment.

With Mars hovering at one point of Leo, it seems to be burning a hole in the ego. The transit seems to have dredged up a lot of fear and disillusionment. We are going have to gain a little emotional distance from our own wounds rather than lash out like wounded animals. If we can be honest with ourselves first about our own desires, it may be easier to find a balance with the people around us.

It may feel a little hot, like wanting to simply move on. But there is going to have to be inner review over the next few months to re-investigate the source of passion. Beware of false pride, ego and insecurity that stand in the way of reaching for something we truly desire.

On Mar. 11, 2010 Mars will station direct in Leo. From now until then we are moving back towards events that began to emerge around the middle of October. Look at what you were doing then. By May 17, 2010 Mars will move forward from the point it occupies in zodiac now. Although it may be nearly impossible to do – be patient with the longer process emerging. We are going to have to readjust our attitude and understanding of the recent past and our role in creation of situations, so we can move forward again with renewed confidence and courage.

Use this phase to find what brings you joy. Leo is the sign that represents the self, creation, childlike spontaneity, passion, sexual desire. We are going inward to find the source of this energy that longs to express itself freely, with wild abandon.

Warm love from a snowy New York,



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