Changing sky…

Monday, Dec. 21, marked the December Solstice — marking the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the Southern Hemisphere. Now the Sun has entered Capricorn and soon will conjunct Pluto on Christmas Eve in the US and UK and early Christmas morning in Australia.

The holidays always come with their fair share of expectations. And they can be hard for those missing loved ones, bringing back memories of times gone by. But the aspect suggests a profound change and transformation. There may be important truths to face up to, including a fair amount of letting go of the past if we ever want change in the future. It’s time to let go of old baggage.

As the Sun squares Saturn — we are reaching a turning point that can bring us much peace and balance if we are willing to reconsider ideas that we have long taken for granted. It may be time to break with “tradition for traditions sake” and readjust our priorities according to our life today, starting new traditions while honoring the old.

On Dec. 26, 2010 Mercury stations retrograde. Back up your computers, check your credit card and bank statements, and if you’re traveling double check for delays. But on another note — Mercury stations are when information tends to surface. Given the Mercury will be conjunct the North Node at this time as we near the Lunar Eclipse on Dec. 31, 2009. There are powerful messages emerging that concern our destiny. More will be revealed as we move through the Eclipses.

Pay attention to the conversations you are having now – it may mean that we have rethink our strategy or path. But think of this as fine-tuning an idea to perfection. Patience and dedication to a goal will pay off in the long run so there is no need to cut corners. This is only helping build stronger foundations.

Mercury stations direct at the time of the next New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Jan. 15, 2010. Suggesting a longer process emerging. We can use this time to gain a deeper understanding of the new rules and landscape that Eclipses are bound to usher in.

On Monday, Jupiter conjuncted Neptune in Aquarius, with Venus in Sagittarius making sextile aspects to both planets. At the end of the week Venus will also conjunct Pluto (following the Sun.) There may be difficult truths to come to terms with. But Pluto only takes away that which is already dying and there could be something precious about to emerge from the ashes of the past.

Today and tomorrow the Moon is in Pisces – focus on healing the spirit above all. There truly is magic in the air and we could stand to experience a few small miracles if we can keep faith…

I’ll be back with more astrology in the next couple of days. Hope you are staying warm and enjoying your holiday season.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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