Astrology for June 29 & 30, 2010: Mars conjunct Vesta in Virgo trines North Node | Venus sesquiquadrates Jupiter and Pluto

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Dear Friends,

We’re coming down from the energy of a powerful Full Moon and Eclipse in Capricorn.

Yesterday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction may have brought deep insecurities to the forefront. But both planets are past their oppositions to Pluto, and this is offering us a chance to respond differently to the information presented, rather than react emotionally.

Also today, June 29, 2010, Mars conjuncts Vesta in Virgo, and both planets will trine the North Node tomorrow on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Venus sesquiquadarates Jupiter in Aries today and will sesquiquadarate Pluto in Capricorn tomorrow on Wednesday, June 30, 2010. These are powerful aspects, simultaneously sparking change and steady progress.

The Mars-Vesta conjunction can be profoundly healing, if healing is what we seek.

I say “seek” because Mars in Virgo can bring on extreme anxiety and nervousness if we are not careful. Currently, with the Eclipses and Grand Cross in the sky, a lot seems to be left up to the unknown and “out of control.” But this is a lesson in dedication and determination rather than trying to force or control anything.

With the Mars-Vesta aspect, at best feed the part of your passion that inspires a sense of devotion. This is about creating the space to nurture and heal what is important, as well as being able to prioritize one’s goals. Stay on task and you can make solid progress, giving you a definite feeling of being on track to destiny.

But it doesn’t have to be all serious and tedious. Venus making aspects to Jupiter and Pluto could bring out the daredevil in us.

Within all financial and creative situations, as well as within relationships, there is potential for gold to be mined. Just make sure you are true to yourself and not to any over-inflated sense of ego, importance or greed.

It will require courage, compassion, wisdom and faith in one’s own abilities. But allow your natural talents, creativity, passion and confidence to shine. The aspects are revealing the power of a heart of gold to move mountains if need be.

With the Moon currently in Aquarius and moving toward an opposition to Venus, it will be easier to take a dispassionate approach to heated circumstances at the very least, perhaps even to share warmth and compassion instead.

In spite of all that is unnerving, there’s beauty, inspiration and love in the air. Just take a deep breath and be open to it…

With Love,

Priya Kale, NYC


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