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Hello all,

It’s Thursday evening as I write this. The Moon is now in Pisces and, in case you hadn’t noticed, we are between Eclipses. Life tends to take on a dramatic flavor at this time, with what may feel like the “Hand of Destiny” playing a heavy role in the action.

Yesterday’s aspect between Venus and Pluto may have felt like walking through a ring of fire with regard to financial and relationship situations. But the phoenix always rises from the ashes, and this transit has only stripped us of the darker stuff and allowed for us to move forward with pure essence, greater compassion, creativity and love.

Also on Thursday, Mercury formed a sextile to Mars, bringing fertile ideas to the forefront. There can be a depth of communication that brings us deeper understanding of ourselves and another; especially regarding our needs for greater emotional and financial security.

Pay attention to the conversations you are having now. A seed of an idea can turn the tide for the future. There may not be a magic cure to something, but with the coming New Moon in a solid aspect to Mars, dedication and effort will pay off in tangible results.

On Friday, Mercury sesquiquadrates Chiron, bringing deeper (perhaps hidden) truths to the surface. Try to be gentle and sensitive in your conversations. Also, acknowledge your own wounding or pain that needs to be healed instead of reacting over-emotionally to an “insensitive” comment.

The less we are in denial of our own pain or try to suppress our emotions, the more we can keep awareness of what is real and present today while healing and releasing the past.

Also on Friday, Juno makes an exact sextile to Vesta. Currently, Mercury and Juno are conjunct in the sky, with Mars and Vesta in close conjunction in Virgo. This concentration of energy is richly fertile for relationships.

Feed and nurture what is important to you, what you desire to see bear fruit.  This could also be a sexually healing aspect if we can let go of those insecurities that prevent us from expressing our core earthy passions.

In another aspect on Friday, Neptune sesquiquadrates Juno, suggesting that there may be a level confusion, doubt and fog surrounding a partnership. Keep awareness of your highest truth, rather than allowing the opinions of other people to cloud your judgment.

I’ll be back with more astrology and updates over the weekend. Until then, take care of yourself…

With love,



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