Astrology for Tuesday and Wednesday…

It’s a quiet sky today today with no major aspects between planets, but as the Moon passes through Libra, she will trine Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius. This should help us to gain balance on our emotions and feel a fresh breeze of hope. Remember this feeling, as the Moon moves into Scorpio late tonight at 11:18 PM EST  we are moving into the intuitive realm navigating powerful energy over the coming days.

Tomorrow, on July 1, 2009 — Uranus stations retrograde in Pisces until Dec. 1, 2009. This is almost certainly going to take us on a journey of breaking through inner illusory boundaries to discover the greater infinite depth within. Uranus stations can also come with surprise reversals — but with Uranus the message is usually to follow the path of least resistance to an eventual breakthrough.

Also tomorrow, Venus will square the triple conjunction in Aquarius and sextile Uranus, while Mercury trines the triple conjunction and squares Uranus. With Venus and Mercury in the mix financial and relationship negotiations are definitely in the mix and the Moon in Scorpio is sure to add to the intensity of emotions.

Venus’ square is going to bring us to a deeper awareness of our wounds and gifts. Find the balance between inner faith and your own self-esteem when it comes to love, money or your creativity. Also recognize patterns that keep you from moving forward the future need not be a repetition of the past if we move in awareness.

Be gentle with yourself, this could be painful if we choose to remain in denial or hold on to hurt. This energy is asking us to be honest with our hearts and be receptive to the inner wisdom awakening. As she aspects Uranus, dare to see the possibilities and this could be the first step of turning that corner towards greater personal freedom — sexually, emotionally and materially.

With Mercury also making aspects to the planets, it should be easier to speak our truth so this is the day to have important conversations. Of course, be sure to resolve the “Venus” issues internally so you can take advantage of this energy which otherwise will be wasted in doubting yourself.

As Mercury squares Uranus this is about turning a mental corner and there are sure to be a few surprise reversals or developments but with all the planets retrograde this seems to be coming from the inside out rather than outside in. There is enough of a flow here that if we are receptive to what is being said, a breakthrough idea could suddenly change how we see everything. Be honest, wise and willing to see the bigger picture and use your imagination — something maybe infinitely more plausible than you first imagined.

With the Moon in Scorpio over tomorrow and Thursday expect to reach a point that calls for a deep surrender and emotional emptying before resurrection. As Mars will follow in Venus’ footsteps over the weekend and early next week, desire and fear seem to be the primal emotions of this waves we are riding. Now we just need to watch that we direct the energy consciously as it manifests into reality, rather than allow it to direct its own course.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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