Astrology for Tuesday and Wednesday

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Dear Friends,

Tomorrow the Sun squares Uranus forming a T-square aspect with Saturn and on Friday the Gemini Full Moon will sweep through this alignment to complete the Mutable Grand Cross. With Mars and the Sun at the apex of this T-Square, there is definite sense of urgency arising, impatience or perhaps wanting to flee a situation. But squares are always a sign that an internal resolution needs to happen first, to create any actual external change.

Somethings gotta give and although we can expect things to get intense over the next few days, a breakthrough is almost guaranteed. Remember the message of Sagittarius especially during this festive season, is always one of keeping faith, optimism and grander vision alive. Sagittarius rules the 9th house, of the higher mind and it is most important that we keep sight of the bigger picture and make choices based on a higher perspective.

Currently the Moon is in Taurus where she will stay until tomorrow helping us stay calm in the build up of this extreme nervous energy. Ground yourself today in what is important to you and remember this feeling the next time uncertainty strikes.

Also tomorrow Mercury conjuncts the Galactic Core in Sagittarius, suggesting a deep insight coming through. A divine message may be about to present itself, but we need to be a receptive state of mind – or rather a state of no-mind to make sure we don’t miss it. It may also be extra possible now to make cognitive contact with our higher self and communication with people needs to come from this place of profound wisdom, honesty and truthfulness.

— Priya Kale, NYC


On another note –2009 is around the corner and I’m busy writing extended horoscopes for the 12 signs for the coming year. So over the coming weeks I will likely have to cut back on the daily blogging. I will still be posting here but perhaps shorter blogs, or perhaps write up the aspects for a week ahead in advance. I am trying figure out a way to do it all, so will keep you posted with updates on this page.


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Tuesday 09 December 2008

00:15:47 UT – Pholus (10 sa 1’37”) opposite Chaos (10 ge 1’37” Rx)
01:38:32 UT – Psyche (22 sa 58’4″) square Logos (22 vi 58’4″)
05:13:40 UT – Mercury (24 sa 58’45”) trine Elatus (24 le 58’45” Rx)
06:47:26 UT – Sun (17 sa 34’14”) sextile Rhadamanthus (17 li 34’14”)
11:29:15 UT – Waxing Gibbous Moon – Sun (17 sa 46’10”) sesquiquadrate Moon (2 ta 46’10”)
16:51:26 UT – Makemake (25 vi 44’15”) square Mercury (25 sa 44’15”)
17:43:00 UT – Ceres (10 vi 0’43”) square Chaos (10 ge 0’43” Rx)
23:54:16 UT – Mars (17 sa 8’43”) sextile Chiron (17 aq 8’43”)

Wednesday 10 December 2008

02:01:42 UT – Pholus (10 sa 4’58”) square Ceres (10 vi 4’58”)
04:27:42 UT – Venus (2 aq 33’40”) sextile Bienor (2 ar 33’40” Rx)
07:37:44 UT – Sun (18 sa 37’19”) conjunct Quaoar (18 sa 37’19”)
11:49:15 UT – Mercury (26 sa 58’27”) conjunct Galactic Center (26 sa 58’27”)
12:03:03 UT – Sun (18 sa 48’33”) square Uranus (18 pi 48’33”)
14:28:18 UT – Mars (17 sa 35’30”) sextile Rhadamanthus (17 li 35’30”)
14:59:48 UT – Mercury (27 sa 10’53”) square Pelion (27 pi 10’53”)
20:15:23 UT – Venus (3 aq 19’28”) square Asbolus (3 ta 19’28” Rx)
21:08:08 UT – Neptune (21 aq 53’8″) sextile 1992 QB1 (21 ar 53’8″ Rx)
22:03:32 UT – Sun (19 sa 13’58”) conjunct Crantor (19 sa 13’58”)

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