Sun in Sagittarius squares Uranus in Pisces

Hello all,

I have posted today’s aspects in the post below this.

Right now the Sun and Mars conjunction is heating up the sky; with the Sun-Uranus square there may be a few surprises coming our way. The Moon is still in Taurus growing fuller by the moment as we head towards the Gemini Full Moon on Friday at 11:37 AM EST. Which means the Moon will be fullest here in the US on Thursday night and on Friday in UK and Australia.

I am in the midst of writing the Full Moon report and truly we could be standing in a very different world in a very short time. There a stunning Mutable Grand Cross with Mercury conjunct Pluto at the exact time of the lunation among other aspects.

I should be back a little later tonight with the link for the report so please check back in later.

Bye for now…

Priya Kale, NYC


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