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Dear Friends,

We’re half-way through the lunar cycle, between the energy of a powerful Aquarius Full Moon, and the Leo New Moon on Aug. 14, 2015 about a week from now.

The Aquarius Full Moon, marked Guru Pornima, a time when we pay homage to our teachers, spiritual masters and those 11807754_10152914127775706_4540861234615946099_owho light the way. I was blessed enough to be able to spend this time with my Guru, Sri Karunamayi Amma, at a three day meditation retreat. Needless to say I’m still vibrating and re-integrating into life after that experience of divine grace.

We’re in a threshold month: Saturn stationed direct in Scorpio on Aug. 1, 2015 and moves through the sign for the final time for the next thirty years until Sept. 17, 2015. With the Taurus Moon due to oppose Saturn for the first time since it’s direct station the next two days will be formative in what unfolds. Lines are being drawn and there’s a sense of something resurrecting from the ashes, to reveal what’s truly valuable, precious and golden.

There are major aspects taking place nearly daily through August and we’re in the last few days of Jupiter in Leo. You’ve been in a creative process (on all levels of your life) with Jupiter in Leo. As Jupiter changes signs to enter Virgo on Aug. 11, 2015 this is bringing a huge shift in the energy towards doing the work needed to manifest something.

Jupiter in Virgo calls for service, selfless service, duty, doing God’s work, or the work you came to this planet for — your dharma. Also, Venus is retrograde and back in Leo, asking us to dive deeper into our hearts, and thaw out the insides so we can share our love more deeply.

Over the past few days, Venus (Rx) aligned with Jupiter in Leo, expanding our hearts in unimaginable ways. The conjunction is shining a light on important financial and relationship situations, showing you there’s more for you to explore. But it will call for taking a risk, perhaps re-evaluating plans you’ve recently made in light of what you’re learning and is being revealed.

Jupiter, (or Guru in Jyotish,) is the planet that rules the two signs most connected with God and spirituality, Sagittarius and Pisces. Sagittarius represents what we know of God, and shows the way; The energy of Pisces is what God really is, and where one merges into the absolute reality, into oneness. With Venus the planet and Goddess of love, beauty, creativity, merging with the King of Gods, Jupiter, this is a chance to awaken and get back in touch with the love that is your very being. Your life is a gift and this is grace. Use it wisely.

Be grateful for all you’ve been given, be kind to yourself and love yourself; even the parts of yourself that you might not be so proud of — physically or otherwise. It doesn’t matter what you look like, this is about inner beauty and acceptance of your desires without judgement. But Venus (and Jupiter) also squared Saturn has also brought us to a crucial turning point, as we recognise the realities of a situation. Any obstacle you seem to face is a chance to find inner strength.

This is a chance to anchor yourself in a divine, unchanging, reality, in your heart and being. It will call for wisdom, maturity as you regain your courage, confidence and inner strength to confront the past honestly, so you can put it behind you, and make conscious choices towards creating a life that reflects an inner reality.

Now with the Moon in Taurus in a square to the Leo Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, over the next few days along with other aspects unfolding is bringing you to a huge inner turning point a chance to ground our emotions, as you reach an inner understanding of desires, what and who you value, what’s real and the truth in your heart and being.

Below is a sample and excerpt the aspects of the August Monthly Cosmic Weather covering the energy over the past few days and today.

I’ll be back soon as time permits but it’s a big month and, if you want to stay tuned with the cosmic on-goings, I’d suggest you read/sign up to receive your monthly Cosmic Weather report and Horoscopes, covering detailed astrology through the month.

Note to subscribers: Sorry for the delay in your monthly Horoscopes. I’m writing a special set of extended Horoscopes, covering the month of August, as well as the extended transit of Jupiter in Virgo till 2016. I’ll have those out to over today or tomorrow. These will also be available for individual purchase, if you aren’t a subscriber, so please check back in with the Blog tomorrow.

Also, I’ve interpreted the upcoming Jupiter transit and the Venus Rx in the 2015 Overview included in your 2015 – 2016 and beyond Horoscopes — you can read/get those here.

More soon…



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Cosmic Diaries: August 2015 Cosmic Weather

Excerpt ==

Friday 31 July 2015

10:42:52 UT – FULL MOON – Sun (7 le 55’46”) opposite Moon (7 aq 55’46”)
15:27:21 UT – Venus enters Leo (retrograde)

Saturday 01 August 2015

22:36:09 UT – Moon enters Pisces (direct)

Sunday 02 August 2015

05:52:49 UT – Saturn stations direct (28 sc 16’57”)
14:50:24 UT – Mercury (20 le 28’55”) trine Uranus (20 ar 28’55” Rx)

We enter August on the heels of a powerful Aquarius Full Moon, setting off an almost unstoppable chain of events. This is another month sandwiched between two Full Moon, starting and ending on a high note, asking us to ride the waves.

This is it. There’s no turning back now.

Saturn stations direct in Scorpio, and makes its final pass through the sign until Sept. 17, 2015. This is a deeply alchemical process, shaping and bringing something to form from the ashes; asking you to embody the lessons you’ve learned through it’s transit over the past two and half years.

This process has not been easy by any means, but look back to how far you’ve come since October 2012. What was unfolding then? How have you changed, grown and evolved? What has fallen away? What has strengthened, deepened? Are you hardened by hardship, or softened and more open? Saturn is the teacher, it asks for hard work. But, if you do the work, it will leave you with a gift — this is Saturn’s promise.

With Mercury trine Uranus at this time, there’s a sense of learning new perhaps surprising information, showing you a way forward where you thought there was none. There’s a sense of having to make a courageous choice and just go for it. But you know something cannot continue the way it has and the aspects now are allowing you to find the strength to turn something around… [Continued… Read Full August 2015 Cosmic Weather report.]

Tuesday 04 August 2015

21:46:46 UT – Venus (28 le 35’42” Rx) conjunct Jupiter (28 le 35’42”)

Wednesday 05 August 2015

15:08:09 UT – Venus (28 le 17’30” Rx) square Saturn (28 sc 17’30”)

This is a huge turning point and internal shift, asking you to re-evaluate important personal, sexual and business relationships, as well as financial and creative situations.

There is a gift here for you, but Venus as enticing as something may seem, you’ve learned, all that glitters is not gold. You’ve been through a lot; and as Venus retrogrades through Leo, there’s a stripping of the mask, or a realisation that the ‘emperor wears no clothes.’ But you are older and wiser now and you needn’t fear anything.

As naked as you might feel, it takes true strength to be vulnerable. Be wise, honest with yourself and take your time to get to know someone, or more about a situation, before you give away your power or heart. Learn from the past, but stay in the present and don’t let pride, ego, defensiveness, fears of rejection, stand in the way of reaching for something that could make your heart very happy… [Continued. Read Full August 2015 Cosmic Weather report.]

Thursday 06 August 2015

01:29:18 UT – Moon enters Taurus (direct)
08:29:02 UT – Mars (28 cn 17’46”) trine Saturn (28 sc 17’46”)
14:24:56 UT – Mercury (27 le 51’28”) conjunct Venus (27 le 51’28” Rx)
20:19:11 UT – Mercury (28 le 17’58”) square Saturn (28 sc 17’58”)

You’re making solid progress. Expect to have at least one important conversation or learn something valuable (perhaps about your heart and desires) that helps you see a situation in a different light.

There’s no shame in admitting where you might have been mistaken, or in admitting your desires if. If you want to be happy, let go of the need to be right.

Pay attention to the emotions propelling you, this is a chance to channel your passion, fear, and emotions, into constructive creative action allowing you to bring about the change you need.

With the Moon in Taurus: drop the act, be real, speak from the heart and you can really shift something. This is a growing up moment… [Continued. Read Full August 2015 Cosmic Weather report.]


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