Aquarius Lunar Eclipse Horoscope – for the Week and Month starting Aug. 1, 2009

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This weeks horoscopes is a combined Weekly, Monthly and essentially 6 month forecast looking at the powerful Lunar Eclipse early this month. Usually this is a part of the Subscriber service but given the intensity of the climate we stand under, I figured I would write a combined Horoscope for all.




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Your mind has likely been racing with thoughts lately and I suggest you slow down just enough to take in what your heart is trying to reveal to you. People talk of following their passion, but how many actually dare? With the Sun blazing through your 5th house and a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your 11th house ask yourself now what it means to you and what sacrifices you are willing to make. You’ve had to dive deep to confront your insecurities to find who and what is important to you. The foundations of your relationships are changing as a result but this should not scare you. Find now what makes you feel loved, safe and secure deep in your heart, where home is. The new landscape will require realistic adjustments on your part. Constructive dialogue about your wishes and hopes for the future will be the first step towards manifesting your vision. Financially and emotionally you are sailing into warmer waters and you can have what you dream of if you dare to reach for it.

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With a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your 10th house, professionally you are lit up and this is only the taste of your success to come. But there is deeper story unfolding, asking you to look closely at where you’ve come from and to where you are going. You may have the answer to the first half of the question and the rest may yet be a mystery. But you know your ability to confront your darkest fears are what keep you sailing forward even in the face of uncertainty. A partner for their partner may still have a few tough lessons to learn of their own but on your part only gentle honesty will do. You may fear your truth is too deep to swallow, but if you can rise above your own emotional and mental insecurities there may come a moment of solid enlightenment. Bottom line you are on your way to the top. But you would never appreciate the view from the top of the mountain until you’ve entered its abyss. Move forward gently and courageously, despite anything you may fear. Yours has always been a message of love and you will look back on this time the beginning of your journey sailing homeward into the sunset.

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Here comes a moment of truth and enlightenment. With the Lunar Eclipse in your 9th house and the Sun blazing through the corners of your mind it may hard for you now to keep the truth under wraps if you tried. After a long phase of wondering where the love in your life has been, you may be feeling stirrings of hope in your heart and may wonder if you can trust this. You have come a long way from confronting the past and although this it may be scary to lay your heart on the line, recognize the depth of that which you have to give. You can create your reality by thinking it and you are moving forward from a past that has been a heavy cross to bear. Recognize what and who brings you stability and comfort at the bottom of it all. Be willing to push through your inner walls that keep you caged in the past and particularly any expectations of your parents you’ve outgrown. You are coming into your own in a whole new light so be bold and honest above all with your self.

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You’ve likely been soul searching and this week’s Lunar Eclipse in your 8th house is taking you to the brink of surrender. I suggest you go in humility, fearlessness, in awareness of your own being and what it is that attracts you to the situations and people in your life. You have a chance now to heal a long festering wound but this will mean taking responsibility for your own heart. It may be tempting to retreat back into the shadows but there is no hiding what you feel now. Be honest with yourself and others and be in no denial of your wounds or needs. You can have the deeper more fulfilling connections that empower you instead of drain you, if you choose healing over pain. Remember the secret of the deepest soul connections is that they survive over time and space. Be willing to allow for that and know your heart even when your worst fears tell you this is an obstacle you can’t get past.

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You’ve likely lived lifetimes in the recent weeks and days. Expect a few more quantum leaps of awareness now as you come to face to face with your potential. It may be disconcerting when confronted with possibilities so great, or a love so divine. But I suggest you look carefully at what a situation or person is trying to reflect back to you. There is a deep truth capable of healing your heart on a soul level, even if it first means confronting your deepest wounds. You may fear that friends or colleagues may not be entirely supportive of your dreams. But if you look closer ask how you put barriers in the path of your success (professional or personal) simply by setting being too judgmental of your self. You are not powerless within a situation. Far from it, you can be whoever you dream of being now by discovering your own deep integrity, worth and light that shines bright enough to lead the way for many.

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Your consciousness is shining bright and this is the month for you to watch your dreams and inner vision. A powerful Lunar Eclipse in your 6th house with the Sun in your 12th on a deeper level is speaking of your mission, what you were sent here on earth to do. You’ve made your way through your deeper psyche and now begin a process of definition of all that is coming to your awareness; who you are and who you are becoming. If you feel you’ve reached a roadblock at any point, see if you can walk around it. Any sense of powerlessness is your cue to wake to the choices you actually do indeed have. You are burning through some heavy karma the direct result of which will be an awareness of your own strength. You heal many with your selfless devotion but make sure you are in no denial of your own needs for a space and healing everyday. Your most genius moments come in the deeper recesses of your psyche, making what you do everyday seem like magic.

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Venus your ruler opposes Pluto early in the month followed by a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your 5th house of love, creativity and essential being. You are changing deeply and there is no denying now how you feel. There is a blazing hope and dream you’ve held in your heart for many moons. You may have in the past tried to deny this but you know now the pain of withholding how you feel is greater than any fear that you may loose something. If you are to take your true place in this world, you will have to leave behind a past that is not only not real anymore but didn’t serve you too well either. You are learning now what truly makes you feel safe and loved in this world and your courage to follow your heart is shining beacon of hope for many. You may fear dark clouds on the horizon, but you’ve overcome deeper insecurities so recognize your power to create your reality. You are cherished by a world that sees you as an ocean of love, and you are sailing towards a future that is only as bright as your imagination.

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With the Sun in your 10th house at the time of this powerful Lunar Eclipse, your mission is being brought to light for the world to see. You also know now without a shadow of a doubt where your soul feels most at home. There is a relationship or a creative aspiration that has the power now to wash over your heart and bathe it in divine love, but for that you will have to be willing to open your mind and let go of your desire to control something according to your preconceived notions of things “ought” to be. If you, do you are more than likely to find a sacred depth of connection that floods you with its warmth, devotion and the bliss of unconditional love that can free your soul. Know just as the tides roll in and out, the ocean will eventually meet the shore. Your mission depends on your courage but realize then where home truly lies. Yes, there may be a place you call home but in truth it is your heart that holds the key to your feeling like you belong in this world.

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You are one of the signs most powerfully affected by the astrological climate this year. Your awareness has grown in leaps and bounds; this may have been painful at times but make no mistake about it this is a gift. Be willing to let go your desire to control something or old values that do nothing but limit your potential. You may feel like you are sailing dark unknown waters within your most important emotional and financial commitments, but let your sense of perspective be the guiding light that sails you forward. If you can overcome your sense of powerlessness regarding a professional situation, you are more than likely to discover an enlightening truth. You are naturally gifted with the blazing creative vision of the creator himself. There is an ocean of emotional and tangible abundance for you and all the people you care about. You’ve always known the virtues of humility, but this is not about the ego — this is a moment of truth. You have the power of the word so use it wisely.

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You reach a point of profound evolution within an important personal or financial relationship revealing an important truth to you about yourself. It can be scary to let go of any sense of control you feel you might have had in a situation and walk boldly into the unknown. But love and trust go hand in hand, you are learning powerful truths about your self that you may have denied in the past but cannot any more. How you feel about yourself is ultimately what you attract into your life. Be willing to accept your own needs for healing and ask for the space you are willing to offer another. You can choose now which relationships or situations you want to invest your energy in so choose with your heart, not your fear. Your ability to receive love and warmth you need is only limited by your ability to ask for it. You will not lose anything that is yours; rather you could just end up discovering something that floods your soul with warmth, passion and sunshine.

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You’ve been on a long and at times painful journey of self-awareness. You may have at times denied yourself your own dreams for fears of rejection, but you are learning now the price of stifling creative or sexual passion. Consider this your graduation as you learn the greatest lessons of them all – self-love and self-acceptance. Any fear you have of being judged for your passion or any sense of powerlessness you feel within a situation is your cue to recognize your own inherent infinite being. Be honest now with yourself and others about what you want. You cannot cage your passion anymore than you can hide your wounds. You can only be who you are; circumstances don’t make or break us, they only reveal us. You are being revealed now and trust me when I say it is a divine sight.

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With a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your 12th house conjunct your ruler and the Sun in your 6th house, you truly are the embodiment of living the dream. So pay close attention to your psychic visions and dreams this month, there is a deep revelation coming through which could surprise even you. This may also reveal deeper wounds you’ve been nursing that you don’t often let on. But there is warmth, compassion and healing for your heart on offer if you can open up to receive it rather than feel alienated. It can be scary to be vulnerable and put your heart on the line for something you’ve secretly dreamed of. No doubt this is a risk, but creatively, emotionally and sexually there is an ocean of abundance within you that you haven’t even begun to discover the potential of. As they say, the greater the risk the greater the rewards. And right now do you really have a choice but to follow your heart?

2009 Horoscope MID YEAR SALE| Weekly Horosocopes | Personal Consultation

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