Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn

2009 Horoscopes – Mid-Year SALE

Dear Readers,

Venus has now entered Cancer and will oppose Pluto Saturday evening in New York, a little before mid-night in the UK and early Sunday in Australia.

This could spell for intense confrontations and transformation within business as well as personal relationships and situations. Pluto says ‘change or die.’  But rather than any external confrontation, Pluto retrograde suggests the change is an internal, subconscious one, happening on a soul level.

There could be a overwhelming emotions to confront of deep passion, pleasure, pain, obsessions and desires. Being vulnerable can be a scary thing, but Venus in Cancer suggests holding back emotions will only spill over in resentment. Also, be conscious of emotionally manipulative tendencies in yourself and others.

But Pluto’s effect is alchemical and change always comes from inside out. There is no use clinging to arrangements that don’t work anymore, seek to change patterns by confronting your own fears. Done consciously, there can be an evolution towards forging relationships that nurture and support, rather than seek to control.

No doubt the energy is building to a climax and grand finale with the the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius next week on Aug. 6, 2009. There is tremendous healing on offer if we can work now towards self-healing, self-love and self-acceptance, even when dealing with what may seem like darker realities.

Focus now on finding what makes the heart feel safe, loved and warm and work towards deconstructing fears that suggest you may never have it all.  Ultimately it’s about self-awareness; knowing ones strengths, limitations, vulnerabilities and then finding the heart to accept oneself in totality.

It is our ideas of perfection that stand in the way of us appreciating our gifts. And our gifts are often disguised as wounds waiting to be healed. At best we could evolve to discover deeper love, revealing the depth of connection we share.

— Priya Kale, NYC


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