Mercury in Leo opposes Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius…

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Mercury exacts its opposition to Jupiter and Chiron today and Neptune tomorrow. This can be an overwhelming amount of awareness and energy to process for the mortal mind.

Mercury in Leo is a creative, passionate influence daring us to be bold and speak blazing truth. At best these aspects can help crystallize a grand, bold vision. As far as creative energy, the sky is the limit but then we have to work with how we can make something a reality. But any time we have Neptune aspects with personal planets there is always a need to pay attention to reality and not fool ourselves. There may be a feeling of confusion and fog and not having clarity on an important situation.

The Scorpio Moon will ingress Sagittarius by the time of these aspects. There have likely been deep realizations and intense emotions to confront and digest personally. With the Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury making aspects it may be easier to speak from the heart if we make the effort. We need to watch for false pride or fears of rejection, getting in the way of expressing how we truly feel. Or it could be another speaking from that place of ego, so take what you hear with a grain of salt.

There may be a few painful truths to be spoken and heard but if spoken with compassion we may just be able to heal the soul and evolve to a higher level of awareness and understanding. If its clarity you need accept that, but any denial of the truth will only bring more pain and confusion so be as honest as you can with yourself first, if no-one else.

It is our attachment to our “past” however painful it may have been that keeps us from moving into the future. It may hard to let go of what is familiar, but this does not mean have to “let go” of any relationships just that we can evolve the self, make a new commitment to ourselves to enter relationships that allow us to express the Leo Sun’s passion and the freedom of expression that the Moon in Aquarius needs. Within relationships this is about thinking ‘Win-Win’ where each person has the space and freedom to “be” themselves.

We are heading up to powerful Lunar Eclipse and the Scorpio Moon has been asking us to surrender our attachments to the past and toxic patterns. The New Moon in Leo was conjunct the South Node a point of deep Karmic release, this is cleansing on a soul level. Everywhere around me I see people lives changing profoundly and there is a feeling like things will never be the same. As I write this, I can see my life changing by the day and I have to admit being a Taurus this is never easy for me. But I go in faith that the Universe has my best interests at heart. The only thing that ever stops us from our destiny is our own misplaced fear of it…

— Priya Kale, NYC


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