August & Weekend Overview: Mercury in Leo; Mars conjunct Saturn


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Here we are in August – a big month, that starts on a big note. And that continues to build in intensity as we move to the Full Moon 10570379_10152180285955706_4934570645857555768_nand beyond, asking for spontaneity as you seize opportunities for pleasure, fun, greater expression of your passion and creativity.

But how are you feeling? Are you basking in this energy, or are you getting hot under the collar?

Mercury entered Leo yesterday (joining the Sun and Jupiter) at 6:45 PM EDT, and transits through the sign until Aug. 15, 2014. Mercury in Leo at best is a time for heartfelt communication. But this requires honesty with oneself first and a willingness to stay in the present and go beyond defensiveness, pride, ego, the need for validation or with expectations of how you will be perceived.

In spite of the bountiful, playful, Leo energy this month, it’s not all fun and games. There’s a heavy foreboding sense in the background, as we move to the end and beginning of a two year cycle, as the Mars-Saturn conjunction exacts in Scorpio on Aug. 25, 2014.

Well, I say background but, who can ignore what’s going on in the world right now? If you read my Blog you’re aware, [as a conscious choice] I avoid bringing political commentary into the Blog. Because to me, astrology, is tool for raising awareness and consciousness; helping us to move beyond the realm of ideas, opinions and beliefs.

But what’s happening in Palestine and Gaza today, is not about right, wrong, politics or religion — it’s about humanity, yours and mine. People are dying. Children are dying. And who really gains from this? And do we just stand by and watch? Tomorrow, this could come home to you and me. Will it take that, for us to be moved to action? There is no us and them anymore — it’s only us. And there is no God coming down from the sky to solve our problems, God is within us. It’s up to us to awaken to the consciousness within, reclaim power and act in compassion, rather than project blame, anger and hatred.

The last time Mars and Saturn made a conjunction was Aug. 15, 2012, just months after the first Pluto-Uranus square aligned bringing us to a pivotal period in our personal, collective and global history — asking us to awaken to our core humanity and awareness.

Mars is currently in Scorpio: this is very passionate, sexual, alchemical energy. But if not used consciously, this can also be extremely destructive or self-destructive energy. Saturn is a teacher, the “master;” Saturn represents a gateway.

But to pass through that gateway, one must enter in utter humility and willingness to learn; then you can be elevated to mastery. Or then Saturn will strip you bare, of pretenses, until you experience your own nothingness. Saturn asks to overcome one’s essential nature so there can be an experience of boundlessness and immortal being.

The last Mars-Saturn conjunction occurred in Libra, where the North Node is currently transiting. Now the conjunction takes place in Scorpio — the sign of death and resurrection. This is a threshold and point of no return, asking that we move in awareness. No matter how dark something gets or seems, whether personally or in the larger world: a situation situation is reaching critical mass and cannot continue the way it has. And Jupiter in Leo, is making it impossible to ignore atrocities in the name of “self-defense” and worse “God.”

Significantly, Mars is the ruler of Aries — the current position of Uranus. And Saturn in Scorpio is in mutual reception with Pluto in Capricorn. Also, Mars is in its home sign in Scorpio, co-ruled by Pluto. And the Mars-Saturn conjunction is bringing the energy of the square “home”; offering the potential to access and harness this very potent revolutionary energy of the outer planets and reclaim power in a very personal way.

How are you evolving in the face of change? Who are you becoming? What do you stand for? And who are you really, at your eternal unchanging core? And what is the legacy you’re leaving behind? Will your life have touched others in a way that alleviates suffering? Will your life have been a gift?

Pay attention to the part of your chart ruled by Scorpio. In your relationships and life chapters are ending, new ones beginning, asking you to acknowledge your desires and be very true to your heart. Be conscious of the skin you’re shedding, what you’re leaving behind and what you want to take with you as you re-birth.

As I post Blog on Friday night, the Libra Moon has just passed an opposition to Uranus now and squares Venus shortly, triggering the Grand Cross. Personal planets Mercury, Venus, Mars all make major aspects this weekend and the Moon enters Scorpio late Saturday at 10:56 PM EDT the plot thickens; things could get steamy and passionate at best.

There’s a lot of “big-talk,” going around but this can also be a deeply insightful moment leading to a turning point. Acknowledge your desires, rather than project them or hold on to expectations of others. If you haven’t watched the recent video here it is again.

I’ve just finished the “August Monthly Cosmic Weather” report with a detailed interpretation of aspects this weekend and through the month so subscribers please look for that in your mailbox a little later tonight or tomorrow.

And if you aren’t yet a subscriber but have ever considered getting a subscription — this is the month to do it. You can sign up here for a One Week Free Trial and I’ll send the report out to you.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year and April when the Grand Cross was at its peak. As you move through the next few days – stay balanced, let go, flow; then you can respond rather than react, bringing constructive change and forward movement.

Most importantly, enjoy your weekend!

With Love,


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