First Quarter Moon: Scorpio Moon squares Leo Sun


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It’s late Sunday as I write this. The Scorpio Moon is about to square the Leo Sun, marking its First Quarter phase — a week away from the Aquarius Full Moon on Aug. 10, 2014 at 2:09 PM EDT. And the energy continues to build between now and then, reaching a crescendo with the Full Moon, bringing huge and surprising revelations.

As I mentioned in the Blog yesterday, August is an action-packed, milestone month — with aspects between planets occurring nearly every day.  This weekend Mercury made a conjunction to Jupiter, and Mars squared Jupiter, possibly sending egos flaring; at best leading to deep insights and awareness. And the end of the month brings us to a threshold, with the Mars-Saturn conjunction…

But for now, with the Scorpio Moon in a square to Sun in Leo, how are you feeling right now? Consciously release emotional baggage, or any attachment to your desires, so you can shine and reveal yourself wholly as you move to the Full Moon. I’ve written an in-depth report for the astrological climate, covering all major aspects through August 2014.

If you aren’t a subscriber you can sign up here for a One Week Free trial and I’ll send the report right out to you. And if you aren’t satisfied with the report you can cancel for no charge within the first week. I’d recommend it, especially this month.

I’ll be back with a video probably tomorrow — but enjoy the rest of your Sunday!





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