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“There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors…”  ― Aldous Huxley

Dear Friends,

We now stand at the gateway between the past and the future, in the ripe moment of now. On Feb. 29, 2012 the Sun in Pisces squares the Nodes, bringing us to the mid-point of two eclipses. This in effect offers a chance for re-orientation, course correction and marks a turning point as we journey forward.

Although the Nodes are hypothetical points and do not have a physical mass, they are the shadow of the Moon suggesting their very personal nature. It the Sun and Moon’s proximity to the Nodes that bring us eclipses twice a year.

The South Node often represents ones latent talents and gifts as well as ones comfort zone, while the North Node tells the story of our becoming, what we are evolving towards. It is through a careful balance of of both that one is able to manifest the greatest potential. Think of the South Node as a stepping stool that we can use to reach for the cookie jar on the top shelf (the North Node) which would otherwise be out of reach.

As the Pisces Sun reaches “North Bending” — a point which according to Mary Plumb of Mountain Astrologer “resembles the north node, a point where energy comes in. The north bending is where events and experiences will manifest in the outer world” there may be developments in situations now that require us to think on our feet while keeping an eye on the big picture (North Node in Sagittarius.)

In some cases it may feel like the floodgates are opening up but naturally this will require a certain amount of courage and faith (in oneself above all) to seize the opportunities arising and walk through a doorway towards greater freedom. Also this will require an ability to go with the flow, take life as it comes. Then as long as we don’t fall asleep at the wheel we can steer clear of that which ultimately does not serve our highest purpose and goals.

The Sun in Pisces is rather intuitive and sensitive at best, but it can also be slippery, bringing confusion rather than clarity. If there is a feeling of being aimlessly adrift, lost or disillusioned, dare to question perceptions and dive deeper beneath the surface. There may not be any magic pill that will serve as an answer to all our problems. But still in consciously leaving the past behind, we can indeed affect the future, with the choices we make in the present.

Some of these opportunities might be subtle, perhaps even invisible at first glance. But if we are aware and looking for them we will find them. This will require a sense of perspective, optimism and the wisdom which comes from experience rather than simply thought. Rather than think something might not work, it may help to try just pushing a door open that you think is locked — it may not be, but you’ll never know unless you try turning that knob.

The future is ultimately a product of the choices we make in the present. We can dream all we like, but unless we take the necessary initiative or steps, we can’t bring something to fruition or get where we want to go. Of course it all begins with a vision, so gain clarity on that first. Then you can figure out the steps most likely to get you there.

Our intentions, choices and actions in the present are the seeds to the future. If you are ok with the way things are unfolding we have a choice to continue along your path our current path. If not, this week offers a the opportunity to choose differently. For example, if what you want are apples, be conscious not to plant lemons, and then be surprised when the tree doesn’t bring forth the desired fruit.

The last set of eclipses occurred late November 2011 and the next set will take place in late May – early June 2012. It would be especially helpful to look back to where you were and what was unfolding in your life at the time of the last eclipses, then look at where you want to go, and then ask yourself if what you are doing now is likely to get you there.

On Monday, Mercury enters its shadow phase likely to bring clear messages and important information to the surface — pay conscious attention lest they slip away unnoticed. Mercury stations retrograde on March 12, 2012 shortly after the Full Moon, suggesting a revelation that asks us to rethink something in the light of what we learn.

By the end of the week on Friday, Mercury changes signs to enter Aries (this retrograde will span the signs of Pisces and Aries) helping us to focus our thoughts with a single-minded sense of direction. As it enters Aries, it will also conjunct the Aries Point — suggesting important political developments in the offing. Also Mercury is a personal planet and Aries is the sign of self, so the conversations taking place now are very personal. With contraception and women’s health being in the news as significantly as it has been, this is sure to bring further developments on this front. Still with the impending retrograde, what occurs from now on is a developing story so don’t be too quick to write something off as a done deal.

Later in the week there are couple of other significant aspects taking place. On Mar. 3, 2012 he Pisces Sun opposes Mars retrograde in Virgo, followed hours later by Venus in Aries opposition to Saturn in Libra. With Mars and Venus in the mix, financial and creative situations are highlighted, as are relationships and how we interact in them.

With Mars retrograde in Virgo, there certainly has been a feeling of taking one step forward and two steps back. But the opposition with the Pisces Sun is almost surely offering a fresh perspective, on a stale situation. This also seems to be an indicator of having to cultivate trust in a greater plan in motion.

Be compassionate with yourself and others at this time, avoid taking criticism to heart. Rather than seek perfection (which is ultimately an illusion) at this time strive for doing your best. Just because things aren’t exactly how you want them to be, doesn’t mean they aren’t exactly what is needed right now. And even our so called ‘mistakes’ are only a mental judgement based on what we perceive to be ‘right.’ We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it. And as long as we are alive, every moment is an opportunity to learn, grow and do things differently if we choose.

With Venus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra, this aspect can bring frustration. Especially if one person’s needs are being forsaken or displaced for those of someone else, which is likely to breed resentment. With Saturn retrograde, it may bring a compromised sense of fairness or result in a sense of competition.

But Saturn also represents ‘limits’ and this is marking a milestone. There may even be a sense of reaching our limits with a situation, but like the scales where a situation swung too far in a  direction, with self-awareness, we can strive towards correcting an imbalance. This also means taking responsibility for the reality we have already created and our role in a situation; only then ca we work towards creating a new dynamic within relationships or situation bringing mutual support, compromise and stability.

Also Saturn is in Libra, one of Venus’ home signs, suggesting it would help to recognize an element of one’s self in another. Then there can be a greater access to compassion and willingness to work as a team. Also Mars (ruler of Aries) retrograde in Virgo suggests there is an element of service required here and a need for healing. Acknowledge your desires and need for support, then remember it is in giving we receive. Also forgiveness will be key, which begins with learning to forgive ones self.

All in all, the planets suggest this week seems to be bringing major issues up for closer inspection. But astrology’s greatest gift is not to be able to predict the future, or to live in the ‘hope’ that a better tomorrow will come, but to discover the limitless potential of the ‘now.’ When we are able to live in the present (for that is all that exists) then we can recognize life for the dynamic eternal ‘moment’ it is. This is the key to liberation.

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With Love,


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