Break on through…

We chased our pleasures here
Dug our treasures there
But can you still recall
The time we cried
Break on through to the other side
Break on through to the other side

— Break On Through, The Doors


Dear Friends,

We’re in the last run of this marathon, and the lines above pretty much sum up the weekend astrology. Early Wednesday marked a New Moon in Virgo, giving us the opportunity to start over in important situations that seem to be hanging on a thread.

As I write this at around 8:30 PM EDT on Thursday, the Moon is in Libra and is moving toward a conjunction to Mars late tomorrow. Currently Mars is in an exact trine to Neptune and will trine Chiron late Friday in NYC, overnight and on Saturday in UK and Australia.

These aspects are likely to feel like flurry of energy or a gust of wind. As I mention this, it reminds me: I walked outside just a little while ago, and it was very cold, windy and blustery. As above, so below, and this could be just the cosmic breeze we need to bring clarity and awareness and to cool down a burning issue.

In relationships, don’t fight for justice when what you want is peace. Be willing to offer the tolerance, understanding and acceptance you seek. Healing is present, but this can get emotionally hot. Only in awareness and, most importantly, self-awareness can we find the understanding that we seek.

The Moon enters Scorpio early Saturday at 5:20 AM EDT. Mercury is now almost stationary and will station direct on Sunday under the Scorpio Moon. Also early Sunday Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. Expect to unearth deep secrets and valuable information over the coming days, especially the weekend.

Expect important conversations that take you back to where you were at the beginning of August. We’ve been on a long journey of digging through the past. It’s time to dust off our knees and move forward with the lessons we’ve learned.

With the Moon and Venus both in Scorpio, in aspects to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio,) their transits could possibly dredge up deep stuff, especially surrounding, sex, money and deep emotional attachments that we may share. Move consciously through the fear to the other side. Scorpio is a reminder that the only way out is through.

The process of “letting go” is really an internal, not an external, one. We are in a New Moon cycle – there can only be growth and recognition of what is real, eternal and precious.

Surrender the darker forces of guilt, abandonment or fear within you that unconsciously prevent you from trusting, experiencing pleasure or reaching for something you deeply desire. Also, look at emotional patterns within you that need to change or that you need to let go of, especially unconscious patterns that relate to your mother.

If we are able to let go a little and allow ourselves to feel, then what seems dark and bleak could turn out to be magically tangible, profitable, luscious and fertile. This is true for emotional, creative and financial situations and for all relationships.

By Monday, the Moon enters Sagittarius, heralding a new dawn with solid improvements on the horizon. As Mercury stations direct, stay with a process, and you could soon be reaping rich rewards.

Forgiveness is a choice, as is letting go of guilt, anger, resentment, fear and pain. Ultimately, only love is real, and the Moon and Venus in Scorpio are a promise of resurrection.

As a Scorpio once said to me, “Scared or sacred, it all depends on how we ‘c’ things.”

I wish you a magical weekend…




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