Virgo New Moon

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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Virgo New Moon, which occurred this morning, Sept. 8, 2010, at 6:29 AM EDT. In a few minutes from now, Venus changes signs, moving into Scorpio, and later tonight, Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces. I’ve written about this energy in detail in the Virgo New Moon report, and you can read an excerpt below.

Also, I wanted to mention — today is a very special day for me for two very special reasons. Today is my dearest grandfather’s (Thackeray Baba) birthday, and it is also the Feast of Mother Mary, celebrated to commemorate the Nativity of Mary. The first Sunday after the feast marks the beginning of the week-long Bandra Fair at the Mount Mary Church.

I grew up at the foothill of the church; right across from my building are long winding steps that lead up a small hill to the church overlooking the Arabian Sea. It’s special to me because as a child it’s where would go to play every evening — in the church compound. Just the thought of it brings back memories of the sea breeze and soothes my spirit.

I have not been home yet this year, and my heart longs for it on days like today. But sharing does help…

I wish you a Happy Virgo New Moon on this blessed day…




Virgo New Moon report

An Excerpt ==

“What is significant about this New Moon is that it leads to a very powerful Aries Full Moon two weeks from now. It conjuncts the Aries Point at 0+ Aries, triggering the T-square that has dominated the recent season bringing a culmination to the changes we’ve been working towards.

“There’s no turning back and the seeds we sow will indeed determine how we cross the threshold and enter this new phase in our journey – whether it is in grace and strength or kicking and screaming.

“We should see a steady progress over the coming days and by mid-next week we’ll be moving ahead full throttle. Which makes it ever so important, that we take the phase of emptying out the past and letting go of baggage seriously.

“Now and in the days following the Virgo New Moon till Mercury stations direct follow your intuition and take it slow. There is more hope in the future, as long as we are willing to work towards it with faith and devotion.”

— Priya Kale, Virgo New Moon, Sep. 8, 2010. Read or purchase full report at this link.

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