Changing Skies… (updated blog)

Correction Note and Update — Mars ingresses Cancer on Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009 and opposes Pluto in Capricorn on Wednesday 2009 (not Tuesday as previously mentioned in blog.) — pk
Hello and welcome to another week
We’ve got intense change coming up as personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars all change signs this week. Mercury and Mars will enter Libra and Cancer repsectively on Tuesday and Venus enters Leo mid-week.
Mercury is now in its shadow phase and this particular transit seems to be focused on healing our personal as well as work relationships. As with anything in life, it is often easier to skim over the surface and ignore that which is too diffuclt to get at. Only now with Mercury in Virgo it may be harder to miss things we would normally turn a blind eye too. Be patient and thorough as you work through these weeks. We are getting the opportunity to readress a crucial balance.
Today Mercury trines the North Node in Capricorn. Pay attention to conversations and communication today — they have an important message for your destiny. It is likely we will be ironing out these details over the coming weeks. But consider this a hint of whats to come.
For now the Moon is still in Libra. On Tuesday as it enters Scorpio, with both rulers of Scorpio Mars and Pluto approachig an exact opposition on Tuesday, expect the intensity to rise.
This can be a rather emotional time; the opposition suggests there may be obsessive feelings to deal with. But with Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn we are being asked to breakdown of old rules that prevent us from letting go and evolving towards a greater depth of understanding and commitment.
Any suppression of emotions is only likely to blow like a pressure valve. Release simmering residual emotions, obssessive desires and resentment consciously, if you want to rise above that which seems to have its grip on you.
Hours before the Mars-Pluto aspect, Mercury also makes a powerful square to Pluto. This is about inner mental transformation and evolution. Try to avoid projecting anger as much as you can and work towards an inner resolution. Recognize the negative thought patterns that keep you from moving forward to find resolution within a situation. Also with the Mars-Pluto aspect, its pretty clear now that action speak louder than words.
How we react and respond to our circumstances often weighs heavier than anything we might say. But still communication carries its own weight. Mercury in Libra can be communicative yet thoughtful. If the ultimate goal is to find peace and fairness within a situation, it is important to look at what is not working and then become the force of change.
Venus enters Leo on Wednesday as well, adding to the peak of the intensity. Things could get rather dramatic under this Scorpio Moon, but work on releasing and evolving as much as possible.
Meanwhile, Mercury is in shadow alright. My Mac power cord has been acting up all day so now I have a laptop with a drained battery, no way to charge it and I’m miles away from an Apple store. It’s times like these that I miss being in NYC only minutes away from my 24 hour Mac store. But such is life. I still have access from a spare PC, Nadine has so all is well…
This blog covers the aspects through Wednesday, so I will be back with a new blog by then, if not sooner — and hopefully from my own Mac. Good energy welcome! 




More soon…
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